Yoga retreats for the month of September

The final days of summer are delightful to attend a retreat. It is less hot and seems more calmly you can breathe. Here are a number of proposals placed in chronological order. Looking for that more you agree.

Retreats yoga September

Removal of celebration with John David

From 4 to 13 September

Where: Denia (Alicante)

We invite you to spend 9 days in the quiet and poignant beauty of Open Sky House Denia. This removal is an invitation to immerse us deeply in the silence and to make our true be that remains unalterable without import what happens in the outside. John David you will guide to the presence authentic, here and now, to find the road of return to House, to your true nature immutable. The splendid nature surrounding us helps us to melt us in the power of love and the silence that is always there, and from this space to celebrate life. You'll be glad you come earlier and stay longer to enjoy your vacation in the beauty of the new Open Sky House.

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Vinyasa krama yoga retreat in nature

16-18 September

Where: In Sena de Luna. Leon (Center of tourism Rural "days of Moon")

Accommodation in single or shared room with full Board. Menu vegetarian or normal. Start Friday 16 by the afternoon and ending the Sunday 18 after the meal.

We will make 5 yoga vinyasa krama practices. Free time after each practice. Practicas+Alojamiento 170€.

Open time of booking.

Contact: Oscar Montero / 661325425

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Yoga holidays in Menorca

From 17 to 20 September

Where: Alayor (Menorca)

Come and enjoy this wonderful island? Its unique corners, its landscapes, its breeze and its crystal clear waters will seduce you, this retreat will make a holiday for your well-being and peace of mind. We offer you 5 days of yoga and activities that allow you to achieve a balance and harmony necessary for a lifetime of health.

Contact: E-mail: / T 636301777

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Yoga retreat in English

From 18 to 20 September

Where: Valle del Tiétar (Ávila)

Friday afternoon, starting from 19:30 to Sunday afternoon at 17:00 as well are our retreats:

Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, meditation, music, international environment and connection with nature. It does not lack previous experience! Price: 200 euro (accommodation, all homemade and vegetarian meals and all activities in English included, with native teacher with 20 years of experience) reservations: follow us on Facebook by searching for "Yogamente"

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Removal of initiation to Reiki in the hands of hatha yoga and meditation

From 18 to 20 September

Where: Between Oaks. Candeleda, Avila. Sierra de Gredos

At this level I course, you can get started in reiki, receiving 4 power transmissions

Reiki is defined as the Universal life energy, is a manifestation of the mysteries of life. Is that energy impersonal that is and nourishes all what is can see and not see and that form part intrinsic of the essence that everyone have.

Reiki energy create harmonization in the physical body and the different subtle bodies, leading to the space of meditation, self-healing of the body processes-helping and healing emotions. It is applied by laying on of hands directly on the person's body or remotely.
In the first level of initiation will be conducted a purification ceremony. You will receive four streams of energy by the Reiki Master, thus becoming a Reiki energy channel. You will learn different hand positions to give sessions to ti mism @.

In addition, practice hatha yoga and meditation as a complement to the balance of internal powers of the human being in all its aspects.

Reservations at: | 644.436.734 609.689.730

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Karma Yoga in the abode

From 19 to 20 September

Where: Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila)

Days 19-20 September we offer you the opportunity to explore another form of yoga, beyond the mat, through the practice of karma yoga, the yoga of selfless action. You can learn more about karma yoga by consulting our web site

"Karma yoga is the union spontaneous with the absolute through the action." When the action is performed without attachment, become an easy way for the purpose of life - the realization of the self"(Shri Ramakrishna).

We will practice mouna (silence) during tasks of garden and kitchen and there will be practice guided meditation in the morning and at the end of the day. On Saturday night we will chant of mantras with the musician Daniel Espada.

To be able to organize the activities is essential that confirm your assistance before the 14 of September in Also tell us if you have a special skill that you would like to implement.

If has a group of children a karma Yogi will be responsible of making activities countryside and artistic with them.

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Retreat Yoga Shakti Samsara autumn

25-27 September

Where: Casa Rural Los Castaños, Cercedilla (Madrid) health and

We are going to move much energy female, stimulate our creativity, harmonize our mind and our body through the yoga: yin yoga, yang yoga, krupalu yoga, shakti vinyasa, meditations active, the dance, workshop of massage Nabhi Ayurveda, creation of mandalas, ritual to the Moon, circles of women... The experience of sharing and express our energy accompanying us growing, almost full moon and preparing for new changes in the autumn.

They offer: Lorena Gonzalez and Angelica SuryaSwarupa facebook: samsarayogawellness

Contact: / T 649862220 whatsapp / 617639246

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Yoga and meditation retreat in the Pyrenees

25-27 September

Where: Casas de Zapatierno. CTRA. de Bielsa to the Parador (Huesca)

An energizing retreat where are reinforced meditative aspects of physical Yoga practice, allowing practitioners to develop the ability to enter the inner silence not only from practice but as attitude to life. Ayurvedic vegetarian foods and freshly squeezed juices, prepared by an expert in conscious cuisine, diet and ensuring a comprehensive purification (body - mind).

A program accompanied by daily routines of physical Yoga and meditation in the environment of the National Park of Ordesa.

Contact: Carmen Cazcarra. T 34 627 563 519 /

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