The wisdom of the mind, the wisdom of the heart

There are no two wisdoms; There is a. It involves the mind and the heart. Clear-minded, compassionate heart: that is wisdom. Many people glow with the mind, but fail with you heart; others are benevolent, but lack of clarity do not know well apply their benevolence or become sappy or even faint of heart. Calle Ramiro writes.

Wisdom mind

Equal to that a bird to trace the flight needs two wings in good condition, so we must develop harmoniously the mind and the heart. Much mind without heart, does not help to trace the flight; lot of heart without mental clarity, either. But where you get mental lucidity, compassion is emerging, and compassion is more right when there is alertness.

Wisdom is not knowledge, information, or accumulation of data, or scholarship. There are people with a prodigious encyclopedic knowledge, but they are not wise. Knowledge not transformed, and in addition to one another can move us much information. I happened to you data and you pass me data. It is not wisdom; It is knowledge. It is not transformative; It can be oriented, as the bookish knowledge, but do not transform. Wisdom is not transferable. Each reaches their level of wisdom and can not be transmitted. One has to start its own lamp, go your own way, to eliminate the obscuration and deception of the mind so that it works the transformative and revelatory energy of wisdom. Knowledge are received; Wisdom is gained.

Meditation is a direct path to wisdom. Often in my classes of meditation said to my students that the best advice you could ever give me is to "Meditate". Also I, humbly and without any kind of imposition, give it to others: "Meditate". By meditating one learns to be with itself, is calm and it clarifies the mind, the heart opens.

The way of the heart is more powerful than the mind, but one can get lost or get bogged down if there is no mental clarity. But yes, the heart takes us beyond the mind. Complement, and the emotional and mental knowledge make it possible that wisdom emerges. I like it, dear friends, remember a poem of Buddha:

Sixteen times more important than the Moonlight is the light of the Sun.

Sixteen times more important than the light from the Sun is the light of the mind.

Sixteen times more important than the light of the mind is the light of the heart.

I wish you peace, I wish you peace, I wish you love. In short, I wish you wisdom.

Calle Ramiro

RamiroCalleMore than 50 years has been Calle Ramiro teaching yoga. He began teaching at home and created an Academy of yoga correspondence for all Spain and Latin America. In January of l971 opened its Yoga Center Shadak, that have already passed more than half a million people. His 250 published works include more than fifty devoted to yoga and related disciplines. He has made Yoga the purpose and sense of his life, having traveled a hundred times to India, the homeland of yoga.

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