Yoga vacations: the best proposals

We call "yoga holidays" to those days of rest and disconnection of the routines of the city, a "special" time between playfulness, personal growth and the practice of yoga. Are not exactly withdrawals (see all withdrawals in July and August here); in these holiday coexistence and cohesion of the group have importance.


Here's a selection of proposals in areas very different from Spain, sorted by chronological order:

Rafelguaraf (Valencia): Vacation of Yoga of the school international Yoga

From 9 to August 15

These Yoga vacation is a proposal open for teachers and students of all levels,It creates a space of freedom and serenity ideal for practice, rest and, above all, fun.

They have unique and fundamental objective the tranquility and relaxation, as well as being once magnificent to enjoy, practise without time or hurry, work body/mind, deepen in meditation and other activities that help us to investigate and to reconnect with Our interior.

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Yoga, relaxation and fun holiday

-Where to contact and book:

International School of Yoga. 91 416 68 81 T - 648-078-824-677 253 399

Olot (Gerona): Festival of Yoga HappyYoga

From 9 to August 23

A full vacation, for modern times. Two weeks to do yoga under the trees, celebrate and find us in nature, sharing, relax and reconnect. You can go the days you want, with who you want...

As every year since makes eleven editions, we offer a life-giving, relaxed and aware holiday in a beautiful forest near the Pyrenees, two hours from Barcelona.

Yoga every day under the trees - there are classes of about 10 types of Yoga, and also for beginners. Thirty workshops different at your disposal - with activities to stimulate the mind, move your body and awaken the soul-. Tasty, organic, and vegetarian food, concerts and performances each night and much more.

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-Where to contact and book: / T 659971722.

Almeria: Yoga Festival Om Shree Om

From 12 to 16 August

Connect with oneself, with nature and with each other. It is the goal of the Yoga Festival Om Shree Om, a different proposal for public of all ages who integrates yoga, mindfullness, art, cooking with love, active pedagogy, music, Permaculture, and many other initiatives.

El Cortijo de los Baños to the Hamam (Almeria), is celebrated with the slogan "We are one". Children, young people or adults; family, couple, alone or with friends: the Yoga Festival, organized by the school Om Shree Om, is intended for all those who want to celebrate and share discoveries and talents, experience, know better themselves, be linked to the environment and with the others and, of course, enjoy.

The event brings together many proposals, with a common principle: celebrating these days with the body, the mind and the heart. Yoga will be an essential part, as well as music and art, with concerts of Ravi Ramoneda, Soledad Rodriguez or Raphaela Fischer, among others.

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-Where to contact and book: / T 677622091 (Mayalen) and 637 441 405 (Jaume)

The Corralón / Casavieja (Ávila): "The science and the art of Yoga", summer with Tomás Zorzo (branch)

15-21 August

Open to those who want to deepen and enjoy in his personal practice, as well as acquire tools that allow you to generate positive changes in your life and your environment. Two daily yoga classes (Ashtanga and Integral), deep meditations, relaxation, massage sessions activities in nature...

Tomas (branch), pioneering and unique certified teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Spain, has more than 35 years dedicated to the teaching and transmission of yoga.

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Mara 618 836 218 T /

India: Journey through the senses

From August 15 to August 31

This group travel is intended and designed for those who travel to the India for the first time and want to approach to its culture, philosophy and spirituality, meet its people, visit sacred places of great beauty, practice yoga and a unique adventure.

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Boom Shankar travels. (José Ferrer and Ruiz Sita) /

Madrid (Saragossa): Summer school Sivananda and Festival: "Yoga and consciousness"

From August 17 to September 13

The summer school is an opportunity to continue to learn in a healthy and relaxed atmosphere.

The Festival, from 28 to 30 August, is open to students of yoga from all over the world. A weekend to connect with your inner self. With Sivananda teachers who come specifically from America and Europe to share their experience in yoga and a very special guest. Fernando Díaz, philosopher, musician and writer, that will give us two lectures and a concert of sitar.

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Centro de Yoga Sivananda Vedanta of Madrid. T 913615150

Indian Himalaya: Himalayas and Yogas, with violet Arribas

From September 22 to October 2

Four days in Rishikesh, crossing the mountain and much more. A toVentura Yes, but without leaving out the inner adventure. Among its objectives:

  • Provide the participant's knowledge on aspects sociocultutales, philosophical, folklore, food of the North of the India.
  • Nature, the forgotten master: learn watching it to get to know us one with it.
  • Mountain cruise 5 days, 4 nights in a trekking of 5 stars to live the magic of adventure in the middle of the most beautiful and wild nature.
  • Meet and interconnect with the purity and innocence of the people of the mountains and indo-tibetanas villages. Ethnography.
  • Encourage austerity and aloofness. Connect and flow with the present moment, free of expectations, to get to the keys to the Elimination of suffering.

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