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Do we know where we want to go and where can lead us yoga when we aim to practice it? The tradition yogic, before proposing any technique, speaks of his sense of desirable objectives, the foundations of a solid practice and obstacles that we can find on the road. Write this series of articles)1 and 2) Julian Peragón Arjuna.

Meaning of yoga


A long journey is complex and we need to take in the saddlebags other complementary elements, the intensity is one of them. Yoga takes intensity to achieve their goals, the same intensity and the same effort you need a mountain climber to reach a high Summit. We can symbolize that intensity as a big fire that will burn the impurities in its path. On the basis of Yoga it is purification of body and mind resistances tension, purification of all that prevents the passage of energy and breadth of awareness. In this sense we have a therapeutic, almost essential, dimension to advance on the path of Yoga.

The painter painted on the white canvas and cook kitchen on clean pots, and is certain that we can make artworks on the margin of an old newspaper and half broken but undoubtedly the purification of our structures facilitates the inner work. Moving awkwardly because of our muscle tensions, we puff that the volcano of emotions may not retain and danced to the sound of our unstable thoughts. In short, We are prisoners of our conditioning, automatic bodily and mental fixations. Part of the work we do in Yoga this purification is either through postures, breathing, concentration exercises, health, depth and frugal and healthy diet. There is no take the broom of Yoga, and get swept.


With purified body and mind the look on reality begins to clarify. They say that reality hides behind many veils but is not true, we need to take it to cushion his forcefulness and to accommodate our ideals; the reality is always here within and beyond out without blinking an only second. We live, however, on the periphery of the reality and to unravel it it is necessary to separate the trends of our temperament, the ins and outs of our character or folds of our personality. And we do it because we ourselves are tangled in their threads and it is not easy to escape.

Want to know of the reality is not any attempts, because know what exists outside or inside is essential so that our actions are accurate and do not leave unwanted traces. We practically have it clear. If you want to bask in the landscape you neatly clean the glass of the window. But, then, internal adhesions of our minds are harder to scale than fat in the glass. Although nothing is impossible if there is acutely aware of this.

First, to see reality clearly, there is that discriminate, do the same thing we do when we want to produce our bread flour, separate the wheat from the chaff either manually or with appropriate instruments before taking it to the mill.

Sometimes the mind, already purified, becomes a perfect scalpel and he can separate the apparently contingent events of internal processes; supports the wishes of the momentum underpinning them; or simply, the Kaleidoscope of forms of the unfathomable essence that we found back. In any case, discrimination requires an extreme concentration, patience and extraordinary ease.

Any element can be object of our discrimination but, especially, those nuclear milestones ranging from life to death. The same process of hominisation human been appalled at the death of their fellow human beings because that body which had manifested vitality now lies motionless and without any expression. And that body once alive and kicking, now begins to corrupt to stay in the bones. There is something that transcends death, something insubstantial that it can not grasp, an essence that is not contained in the space or enclosed in time? Discriminate allows us to extract the essences to not fool ourselves with forms, ever-changing, rarely simple and often illusory.

The path of intuitive knowledge clears this path of traps. Tells us: observed carefully, look life behind energy patterns that are activated, observes as there is a precise logic in its interior, detects the sensitive moment where changes occur and expands the vision to understand the fabric of reality. Only then you can flow with the change without resistance and enable some of them to induce a greater harmony in life. So easy and so difficult.

Fundamentally Yoga is a precise and scheduled manner of naked reality, first purifying our bodies and our minds to give then a grand illusion through discrimination.

With that said, and following the metaphor, we find travel with our cart and all security on the road we find with crossroads thing to elucidate and obstacles that must be overcome. Only our yearning deep to reach the goal and a good discrimination will make us find the right path. In other words, Yoga helps us to develop our intuition, to rely on our faith, to maximise our attention to reconnect with the reality and understand it in its deepest secrets. But this deep intuition is enough?

(The meaning of Yoga will continue in three upcoming installments)

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Julian Peragón, Arjuna, Trainer of teachers, directs the Yoga synthesis school in Barcelona.

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