Supreme being, freedom in the summer solstice

Svatantrya It is one of my favorite words in Sanskrit. It comes from the root SVA, which means "auto", and tantrya, which means "dependency". I.e. self-reliance or free will. The Supreme being freedom. Writes Patricia Sanagu.

ultimate freedom

In the Tantric tradition, Svatantrya is described as a wave arising from the inside of the conscience (paramasiva). A wave which is defined as spanda or press and serving as the Foundation of the world. It is what makes us be in continuous motion.

The universe press as a heartbeat, that shrinks and expands cyclically, tirelessly, in spirals ascending and descending in a continuous collected about himself to later grow beyond their limits. And every one of us, as part of the universe, vibrated in the same way.

This year he was feeling more than ever the need of expansion which promises summer, was eager to leave behind the routines, schedules and discipline that involves the winter months and thus receive the summer in the same way that felt it when I was a child.

That absolute expansion and vibrant joy When the school Bell played for the last time on the course. It meant that summer had arrived, meant the freedom to keep the soul to the weather, meant happiness find me with all the time in the world in my hands: the long nights watching the stars, the flexibility of the greatest to play in the streets until afternoon, slow contemplate the clouds who were summer sky, observe the Cadence of the ria , the movement of the trees... The permissiveness of explore, taking down knees, taking icy cold, not take anything coat, walking barefoot and cause water to enter through the nose playing the ahogadillas at sea or swimming pools.

Summer is a time of recreation, experimentation and unconcern. The spirit craves more intensely the need for freedom and fly. But as when we were kids, this was possible provided we had complied with the cycle of learning, overcoming, internalization and knowledge that preceded.

Tips for the summer solstice

Natural cycles are a mirror of spandapulsation or vibration which is collected and expands continuously. And each of us are also a reflection of esto, as our moments of confusion and search come happened at times of expansion and certainty and vice versa, since this is precisely the game of the divine and the same expression of the Absolute freedom (svatantrya). And because the consciousness or paramasiva is sovereignly free, can hide and refuse to itself, play lost and transform or ensure our brightness, later autodescubrirse and enjoy herself in a pure thrill, Orgasmic and original.

So, still under the influence of the summer solstice:

  • He contemplates how much you've experienced in the past few months and how have expanded awareness of yourself and who you are, through these experiences. All It has served to illuminate parts of your being. You're the same, without being the same.
  • Observe your breath, each inhalation, every exhalation as a demonstration over the spandaget carried away by that soft swing.
  • Meditate: how your own life cycle corresponds to the Natural cycle.
  • It gives thanks for the flow of life and the opportunity to experience ourselves in multiple faces.
  • It is the way that all that experience you reflect on your day to day and in your reality.

No cycle has a start or a finish, but yes breaks to breathe and look towards what new we want to focus on. It will soon begin a new cycle, we enjoy the freedom and permissiveness that summer promises.

Patricia Sanagu
Nataraya Yoga & Mindfulness
Anusara - Inspired™ Yoga Teacher
Certified AcroYoga Teacher
Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 RTY500
Professional partner of A.E.Y.T. (Asociación Española de Yoga therapy) (skype) patricia.sanagu

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