The embrace of Yoga

The official celebration of the international day of Yoga in Madrid was held successfully. Everything worked well: the reception of the Embassy of India, the warm speech of the Mayor Manuela Carmena, and above all the enthusiasm of schools, participants and volunteers who endured a Sun of righteousness. That Yes, Miss some... though, as you can see, it missed not colorful. It is a chronicle of Yoga network.

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Don't we miss the representative of the Government of the nation, the truth, that he finally not sent anyone, despite having confirmed the Ambassador of India that the Defense Minister would. The warm words of the new mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, more than compensated the absence and left in good place the role of "authorities" against Yoga and the country from which it emanated.

"Madrid has to be meeting, the host city and as I start to say on many occasions, the city's embrace", Carmena said. "I would like this new Madrid began with what I call the big hug, which is a city of welcome, a city sensitive to everything that is good to improve the world, customize personal relationships, to give more happiness."

Well informed was the Mayor about the extent of Yoga, to aim precisely to its essence: its power to integrate, unite and promote harmony between people.

Cautious master class

The masterclass is developed normally despite the height of the heat and that the official video of the Government of India, very correct, reposado and pedagogical, showed where each posture with their corresponding explanations in terms of benefits and cautions, not invited too to have the spark of the power and magic of a master class shared by hundreds of people.

Volunteers from the schools that organized the event together with the Embassy and around 1,200 practitioners who came to the Plaza de Colón also collaborated to the Act was developed with precision and success.

Despite the many hundreds of people gathered, we miss the presence of more practitioners and lovers of yoga in Madrid. We all know that yoga is a practice of internalization (and non-display), but we believe that the meaning of the international day of Yoga was to honor publicly, jointly and severally, this gift India left US centuries ago and that we gave to all its practitioners, from the newest to the most experienced.

The consciousness of unity

For this reason, since Yoga network We want to recognize the generosity the India and their representatives, but also of schools from across Spain took part in the acts of celebration of the international day of Yoga, to overcome differences of looks and styles, and be able to join to celebrate in harmony Yoga, what unites and equals rather than what difference.

As noted by a participant in talks that took place in the afternoon, during the Conference which put an end to the acts of the DIY in Madrid, that experience of union It has been wonderful because "all participating schools include the mode of understanding to get to the essence of Yoga: the consciousness of unity".

I hope that next year the generosity in overcoming comfort zones, reticence and prejudice extends to many more schools and practitioners. The consciousness of unity: the embrace. That is real Yoga.

(You can see more photos here)

A call: those who yesterday did photos or want to comment of the celebration of the DIY in your city and want to send them to Yoga network ( We will publish them with all pleasure. Thank you anticpadas!

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