How to train you in Yoga and meditation for pregnancy and at Yoga for kids

Two courses in which you can train you in these two specialties you always wanted: yoga and meditation for pregnancy and yoga for children. In HappyYoga Plaza de Catalunya, Barcelona.

yoga embarazo

"What we learn in the mother's womb, we can not learn it in the ground" (Yogi Bhajan)

Training course for teachers of Yoga and meditation for pregnancy

It teaches the physical and emotional support in pregnancy and the post-partum from yoga, meditation and practice with fisiobalones.

Target audience:
Yoga teachers who want to delve into yoga, pre-and postnatal or know to accompany his students pregnant women and couples in regular classes of yoga. Pregnant women who want to fully enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for childbirth and postpartum aware. Professionals as midwives, physiotherapists, doulas or therapists who accompany throughout your pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum women.


  • Deepen the knowledge and sensitivity of professional accompanying the woman and her partner in this stage of transformation.
  • To learn how to teach it effectively to provide a conscious experience of yoga, meditation and yoga practice with footballs during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Provide tools to strengthen the bond between mother and baby from the beginning of pregnancy, accompanying the merger after childbirth.

4 modules divided by trimester of gestation, taking into account the physical, emotional, and energetic factors of each.

They offer:
-Agnes Mateu. Plastic artist, mother and teacher of yoga specializing in yoga and meditation for pregnancy and parenting. Recognized by the A.E.P.Y. and professionally accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya. He currently works in the training of teachers of the Center "Equilibrium. Yoga Shala, study of Yoga"and teaches classes for pregnant, post partum and moms and babies in Happy Yoga centers. He collaborates in the project of education and breeding MamaG.
"I have experienced my biggest learning thanks to my son, during a beautiful birth and out of the matrix".

-Inma fields. Midwife births at home. Yoga teacher specializing in yoga for pregnant women and yoga for moms and babies. Instructor of dynamics of laughter. I am a mother of two beautiful children. From my experience with motherhood after giving birth to my children with full awareness, I opened my life to share everything I've learned. Accompany couples in their quest to live across the road to be fully by a being that it is formed, born and raised

Dates: 18 and 19 April, 30 and 31 May 2015, 20-21 June, 11 and 12 July

Schedules: Saturday 10 h - 14 h and 16 h - 19 h and Sunday 10 h - 14 h

Prices: €750. If all is paid in advance (until April 15), the price is reduced to €600. Promotion: And if you bring a friend for each price is now € 500! Loose module: €200

Places are limited by the capacity of the room, it is therefore necessary that you make your reservation in advance. Dossier is delivered in each module. Certificates - possibility of making practices and job are delivered.

Information and reservations:
93 301 86 47 LIS

Teacher training in Yoga for children (Tools)

A course for the various stages of children aimed at anyone linked to education, either from professors, teachers, educators, therapists, monitors, parents, mothers or families...


  • We will create bridges through creativity and organic dance to provide an education yoga.
  • Tools are given to be able to educate taking into account the potential of the nin @ in terms of its own expression and relationship with others. Method of yoga for niñ@s and experience with families.
  • You will learn to respect the pace and needs of every nin @ and at the same time share the characteristics of each group.

Shakti Gawain says: "in essence, the children, our children, need two things for us:"

-Need to know them as they really are. If we see them as being powerful and complex, if we relate to them taking that into account, they will not have to hide his spirit, as we have done to us. Its be receive support and recognition needed to remain strong and free.

-They need to give them example to live in the world of form. They observe how we live and we imitate. "They are very perceptive and tend to be pragmatic, copy what we do, not what we say".

The course will be structured in three modules:

1. small Explorers (18 months to 4 years niñ@s)
2 yoga and creative dance for 5 to 11 year-olds niñ@s
3 yoga and creative dance family

The benefits of yoga on children:

  • Having fun
  • It increases their motor skills
  • You know your body and learn to listen to it
  • It promotes coordination and balance
  • Self confidence
  • They grow up with a strong, flexible and healthy body
  • They learn to relax and respect for self and others
  • And not only they benefit if not all those who surround them

Yoga and creative dance
Yoga conveys values of equality and tolerance, and teaches us to open the mind and heart and accept the differences between people. Helps develop senses internal and external be able to recognize and express emotions and feelings.

The union of the body work of the yoga and creative dance in childhood, connects us with the communication at this sensitive stage. Allows approach to the expression of the children from their own language which is mostly body, and go to evolve with them, being environmentally friendly guides of their own development.

It is a proposal to translate ideas and emotions (e-movere) into constructive actions: asanas, movement, breath, visualization, games share. Ours is the challenge and the work to give them positive tools.

They offer:
-Marianna Roigé. He studied psychology and anthropology at the University of Barcelona. Eric Berne International Institute-interpersonal communication technique. Certified in transactional analysis. He studied at the dance conservatory in Barcelona. in the Merce Cunningham dance School in New York and at Movement Research, N.Y.. And in school Bugé of Barcelona. Professional dancer in Mudances (Director Àngels Margarit), Athanor Danza (choreographer Älvaro Restrepo), La Sota from Bastos and others. Creadora-bailarina of video dance. Acts in Europe and America. Teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Yoga for children. For nearly thirty years I am also teaching children first from the dance and then with yoga, which is helping me to teach from the heart. I've taught creative dance in L'escola d' summer of Rosa Sensat (training recognized by the Departament d' Orientació i Innovació Educativa de la Generalitat de Catalunya). And courses of dance in the summer school for teachers of Santa Coloma de Gramanet, at Roseland Musical, El Timbal, and a long etcetera with children and teachers who give me joy.

-Francesca Giusti. Mother, master Reiki, Reflexologa Podal, Professor of adult Yoga, pregnancy Yoga, Yoga moms and babies, family, kids Yoga (Yoguitos) Yoga

Information and reservations:
93 301 86 47 LIS

Place: Happyyoga Pplaza Cantalunya

Price: €250. Discount by paying in advance: € 200 (before April 15). If you bring a friend, the price for each will be throughout the course of €175. Places are limited by the capacity of the room, it is therefore necessary that you make your reservation in advance. Certificates are delivered.

More information:

Dates: Intensive 24, 25 and 26 April

Opening hours: Friday 24:18:00-21:00 h / Saturday 25: 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 / Sunday 26: 10:30 to 14:30

Friday: Yoguitos collaboration: "Little explorers" (children from 18 months to 4 years)
Saturday / Sunday: Tools - Yoga and creative dance. + Yoga family... Tools to guide l@s niñ@s in his discovery of the world. (Niñ@s 5-11 years)

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