Plans for a very exciting weekend

Don't miss out on everything that we offer this weekend: bath from Gongs, Yoga of sound, singing of Mantras, dance... Very attractive and vibrant activities distributed by Guadalajara, León, Santiago, Cádiz, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante... Enjoy these formations, courses, workshops, retirement, and much more...

asana Yoga
Friday, March 20

Seminar of Ajahn Brigitte

Introduction to the Noble silence

Opening hours: 19.30 hrs

Where: Anandamaya Center. c/Alcalá 68. Madrid

Free entrance. Voluntary donation

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International yoga and meditation retreat

From 20 to 22 March, Friday from 19:30 to Sunday 17:00 learn to breathe, get away from the stress. International environment. Does not lack that you've practiced before! So are our retreats. Yoga, meditation and connection with nature to eliminate toxins and return to the city with recharged batteries.

Price: €190 (accommodation, all homemade and vegetarian meals and all activities included) limited places!


Where: Pozancos, Guadalajara.

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Saturday, March 21

Practical brhamana with Tomás Zorzo

Practical Brhmana: therapeutic toning that nourishes the system. It is useful in conditions such as specific or general weakness, fatigue or lack of confidence. In the practice of yoga, the technical bhamana include: inhalation, retention after inhalation (antarh kumbakha), bows, or extensions of the spine and posture on the shoulders (sarvangasana). Chant mantras, visualizations and meditation are techniques that can be adapted so that they have a brahmana effect.

In general, the technical brahmana (agni) heat in the body increase and generate power. This toning is geared towards the recovery of the system and they are particularly useful during convalescence.

Contact: T 661325425,,

Where: Yoga Centre Victoria, C / 15 Sampiro, Leon

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Start training Yoga instructors in Madrid

Aimed at students practicing yoga, with some experience. It must arrange a date, personal or telephone, with the address to be admitted. Duration: 200 hours. October 2014 to June 2015. Classes: 9 weekends.

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Gong bath of spring

Gongs, quartz and Tibetan bowls, singing harmonics, percussion Gong bath is a full immersion in the sound. TomTom takes you to a State of deep relaxation leaving you to enjoy a State of neutrality which produces a natural healing of physical, mental and emotional bodies. Gong bath you can help free yourself of thoughts and feelings that you have blocked, reduce stress and tensions, balance the mind and emotions, stimulate the glandular system, regenerate the nervous system, clean, harmonize and heal at all levels, to connect with the real essence.

It teaches: Vikrampal Singh

Reservations: 366 1041 T91 / 639 819 503

Input: €10

Where: Space round. C/Ronda de Segovia 50, Madrid

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Ajahn Brigitte seminar

21 and 22 March. Seminar Vipassana

Opening hours: Saturday from 9.00 to 20.00 hrs and Sunday 22 March from 9.00 to 19.00 hrs

Price: 40 €

Where: Anandamaya Center. c/Alcalá 68. Madrid

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Start Reiki course level I

21 and 22 March. Reiki can be a way to find oneself. It can be said that the Reiki acts at all levels and in all diseases. Bodily discomfort, psychological disorders, metabolic dysfunctions practically wide human health responds positively to healing with Reiki.

Opening hours: Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00. Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00

It teaches: José Carlos Santacruz

Price: €90

Registration: 965 446 674 t /

Where: Room Espígol, Elche (Alicante)

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Start training teachers of Yoga in Cadiz

Instructor / a: aimed at students practicing yoga with some experience. It must arrange a date, personal or telephone, with the address to be admitted. Duration: 200 hours. December 2014 to July 2015. Classes: 8 weekends. Classes: 9 weekends

Teacher for yoga level 2: aimed at students with the degree of Instructor. You have exceeded the level that enables them to do so either they have validated their qualification from other schools. Duration: 200 hours. December 2014 to July 2015. Classes: 8 weekends.

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Beginning Yoga in education in Santiago - module I

21 and 22 March. Beginning of the course. Yoga in education is the essence of traditional yoga. Adapted to children through play and fun, the practice of yoga provides a great opportunity to integrate in small core values that will allow them greater awareness of their potentials and capabilities, as well as the acquisition of guidelines to manage in life with serenity and balance. Its multiple benefits have been scientifically explained in recent decades and studied by the most important universities of the world.

Nowadays children live a difficult time because the level of demand that society demands them. Sometimes children hours are more intense and exhausting to the parents. Many hours sitting on desks, more after-school activities, more tasks to do at home, more time sitting on the bus, etc.

Objective to obtain a new approach to the teaching of yoga to children, showing tools to create and facilitate educational, creative, and fun sessions. It is also a course to deepen the own view, as an adult, of the world of childhood.

It teaches: Joaquin chestnut

Where: Santiado de Compostela

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Day open slats

2nd day of open doors of the Association for the progress and the Personal fulfillment. Throughout the day you can learn different activities that we carry out within the VYA association with talleres-demostracion of the classes that we do.

The Conference will be open to anyone who wants to attend. All workshops are free of charge.

Throughout the morning (from 10 to 14 h) catas reflexology for the reduced price of £10 will be made (30 minutes). We would like that we participate actively and that would extend our invitation to all your friends, who can benefit from a big day like that you are preparing.

Where: Virananada Yoga Ashram. C/Creu, 2bis. Girona

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Dance of life reset

Through our inner listening, dance and sound, along the axis of vertebrate our chakra system, undertake a journey into the depths of our being, freeing shields and repressed emotions that we do not already serve, accessing our inner wisdom.

Opening hours: from 11:00 to 13:00

It teaches: Soraya Montero

Contribution: €15

Registration: 660 362 613 T / 696-542-069

Where: Yoga Centre Shakti. Street painter Valero, 10. Alboraya (Valencia)

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Yoga and sound workshop "in search of inner peace"

Program: 10-14.00 h. morning: music of sitar live to promote the initiation to the practice. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (mantra that gives health). Chi Kung awakening the dormant power. "The eight pieces of Brocade of silk". Yoga class dynamic accompanied by music of sitar live. Yoga Nidra, conscious sleep 1st part, accompanied by the relaxing music of the sitar.

Evening from 16.00 to 19.30 h.: music of sitar live to promote the initiation to the afternoon practice. Egyptian Yoga and Terapeutico.mudras and Tibetan mantras for the self-healing. Yoga Nidra, conscious sleep 2nd part, accompanied by the relaxing music of the sitar.

  • Teaches Yoga: Paquita Melgar, Yoga teacher entitled by the AEPY and Egyptian Yoga by l'Institut International de Yoga (Babacar Khane); teacher of Tai Chi and meditation expert.
  • Music: Alvaro Lopez Melgar, sitarista, guitarist and music teacher. Student of Ustad Fateh Ali Khan one of the best sitaristas of the world, and Carlos Guerra one of the maximum exponents of music Hindustani in Spain.

Price: €60


Where: Halls of the parish Christ of the love C / Rafael Finat, nº 48, Aluche. Madrid

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Sunday, March 22

5 rhythms by Gabrielle Roth, the rhythm of the heart

Passion moves you, the heart you drives, marked the staccato rhythm shaking and frees your hips, your chest. Your whole body becomes an instrument of communication that the pulse of your inner fire, which clearly expresses what I feel and share with impetus that inspires you. The manifestation of male nature invites us to the world of the structure, to define our limits, to take care of what is a priority in our lives and nourish the archetypal Warrior protective instinct we all have inside.

Opening hours: from 17:00 to 20:00

It teaches: Helena basket

Contribution: €25

Registration: 660 362 613 T / 696-542-069

Where: Yoga Centre Shakti. Street painter Valero, 10. Alboraya (Valencia)

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Creativity workshop

A workshop for leave to speak our imagination and unleash our creativity. We color mandalas, will do some meditation and relaxation exercises... and we will connect with the children that there is within each of us. Maybe you can create a beautiful reality? A fun, colorful and unique workshop. Believe and create are only a letter away...

Facilitator: Ana Belén Manzano, teacher of yoga and meditation.

Price: Contribution aware

Contact: / T 696765004

Where: Wiphala conscious evolution. C/Valdemoro 3. Arroyo Culebro neighborhood. Leganés. (Madrid)

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