Fish and heavy metals

There is a general idea in some population groups that meat is healthier fish, idea maybe from the insistence on reducing the excessive saturated fat from the diets of developed societies. Writes Dr. Pilar Luna.


I refer you the article of The country about the toxicity of some fish (that already long ago that referred to nutritional media), especially those who are at the end of the food chain (i.e. fish living eat other fish, which have eaten other fishes and that finally end up accumulating toxic metals that are vier) Note to the marine environment from all those that have devoured.

Damage causing these heavy metals is in relation to the amount consumed, so diversify is always highly recommended nutrition. Especially during pregnancy should be taken into account! Diversify allows to not reach toxic doses of the Poisons ingested in food.

The most important of this issue is that we realize that It is not possible to continue with this model of development and that if don't take care of the environment, the environment is going to kill... Because, in the end. We are all one same body, as you said yoga.

One more reason to encourage at least the smart diet is to eat less animal protein: only one time a day, meat or fish or egg.

There are many options to get to balance. Eat well or eat poorly may be made on all the options, but nutrition is an important part of health and we need to address it with the same interest with which we deal on the planet!

Pilar Luna It is a medical specialist in nutrition and Yoga teacher.

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By • 19 Feb, 2015 • section: Nutrition, Bless you