Plans for a cold weekend

Would you like to warm the spirit this icy weekend? Here are a few suggestive proposals for activities and leisure for the next few days. Even held the III Mediterranean Congress of Yoga in Valencia! Enjoy broadening you inside and moving your emotions with yoga, music and much more.


Friday, February 6

III Congress Mediterranean of Yoga

This weekend, 6-8 February, held III Congress Mediterranean of Yoga in order to continue with the diffusion of yoga and deliver to the largest number of search engines in our country unique days beside the most devoted Yogis and yoginis and also of those who begin.

This meeting will again attend schools of great prestige, of all the communities of the Mediterranean basin and the rest of the country: teachers and disciples of Alicante, Mallorca, Barcelona, Granada and Malaga, as well as, of course, of the city of Valencia, venue of this meeting. This great celebration of yoga involves the exchange of experiences, share our growth in this path in which the body explores the sovereignties of the spirit.

Where: La Petxina sports complex. Ride of the Petxina 42, Valencia

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Workshop of bells and Tibetan bowls

When a Tibetan Bowl sounds close to us we noticed as a part of our body responds to that call. Vibrate by sympathy or affinity of vibration frequency with parts of our body that are desarmonizadas and help us find the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

The bells and bowls of Tibet are instruments metamusicales (beyond music), conceived, designed and manufactured for centuries to cure and alleviate disease and pain, as a useful tool that promotes meditation and to achieve elevated States of mind and consciousness. The sounds emitted by the singing bowls are prolonged harmonics to tap them, and a harmonic continuous vibrating to beat them or rub them with a stick. Not only hear through the ear, but that their vibrations are perceived on the entire body surface, especially in the most sensitive parts, and penetrates without damaging the body inside, to the molecular structure, massaging us and harmonizing us.

It teaches: Maestro José Carlos Santacruz

Price: €30

Contact: 965 446 674 /

Where: Room Espígol, Elche (Alicante)

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Meditative music concert: Ragas of India

Enjoy the harmonizing power of live music, to relax the body and mind. Session of ragas of India in charge of the Yugoslav clarinettist, Robindro Nikolic. Meditative music that will offer us Robindro is part of an ancient science that helps us to harmonize the senses, making us feel relaxation and well-being.

Price: €10

Reservations: / T 93 531 27 49

Where: Prasad Centre. C/Industria, 96. Barcelona

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Saturday 7 of February

Training teachers of Yoga in Mallorca

7 and 8 February. Fifth weekend of Yoga teacher training at the headquarters of Mallorca of the international school of Yoga.

It organizes: International School of Yoga

Contact: Headquarters. C / Fuencarral 134 Madrid T 91 416 68 81-648 078 824-91 309 36 07

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Relaxation for children

It brings to your pequeñ@s (7-10 years) a practical and dynamic session so that they can experience the art of relaxation in a playful manner. Exercises and games oriented to get the niñ@s to release energy, tensions, peace and welfare to experience.

Limited spaces, is

Price: €13 (necessary to book)

Contact: / 635 04 78 34 T

Where: Space Sat Pad, Paseo de la Esperanza 23, Madrid

Gurdjieff movements: the art of the sacred dance

From dances of ancient spiritual traditions that help us to connect with our inner world through the body developing the presence, attention and observation.

Contact: / 633 317 432 T

Where: Space chrysalis. Bilbao

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Removal of Asthanga Yoga Nidra

7 and 8 February. Intensive workshop, the renewal of forces and meeting with a new inspiration for deepening your practice or simply to meet like-minded people. Calima is the perfect retreat for lovers of nature and well-being. those 24 hours are for you! Enjoy them.

It teaches: Maria Jose Llorente

Price: €99. Includes: course, accommodation, dinner, a movie fan night, breakfast and lunch.

Contact: T 626-917-801 /

Where: C/Nova Malvarrosa, n. Gilet (Valencia)

More information:

Training teachers of Yoga in Galicia

Fourth weekend of Yoga teacher training at the headquarters of Galicia of the international school of Yoga. 7 and 8 February.

It organizes: International School of Yoga

Contact: Headquarters. C / Fuencarral 134, Madrid / 68 81-648 078 824 416 91 T - 91 309 36 07

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Dynamic Yoga Workshop "integrating into postures of standing" with Sergio Teodosio

Date: February 7
Hours: 15:30 to 19:00
Location: Dharamsala yoga, C / Albino Pérez Ayestarain 28, San Fernando de Henares Madrid
Registration and reservation: 617 77 37 03

Integrating into the standing poses

A conscious somatic exploration towards the standing poses. Integrating the stretching of the legs in order to be able to bend them without locking joints, perhaps discovering the presence of the dynamic spiral and its possibilities through the body and not as mere concepts.

It teaches: Sergio Teodosio, practitioner of yoga from 10 years of age, Sergio made full Professor of Hatha yoga of 560 hours formation at the international school of Yoga in Madrid. Then undertakes the complete formation of dynamic Yoga (Dynamic yoga) (400 hours) with its creator Godfrey Devereux. Sergio currently lives in Paris where he teaches and is in charge of the Red Earth Centre, centre dedicated to the teaching of dynamic yoga.

Opening hours: 15:30 to 19:00

Place: Dharamsala yoga, C / Albino Pérez Ayestarain 28, San Fernando de Henares (Madrid)

Registration and reservation: 617 77 37 03/T

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Sunday, February 8

Meditation to relieve the stress: technical integrated of meditation Amrita (IAM)

It was found that meditation and yoga are useful tools for restore inner balance and mental clarity and peace. Don't miss this opportunity to experience this powerful technique of meditation, Ami, as the internationally recognized humanitarian and teacher spiritual leader Amma teaches it.

It teaches: Shankara (Javier Ruiz Calderón), formed as an instructor in the IAM technique with the permission of Amma

Opening hours: from 9:30 to 20 h

Participation cost: €10

Where: School of Yoga in the tables - C / Isabel Colbrand 10-12 (tables) Madrid

Registration: / T 63534608. Essential to write to confirm that there is

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