Maya, the veil of the invisible

The material world and spiritual come together to weave the subtle veil of Maya, that delicate framework which prevents the perception of what is Real. It seems that it is not the sole concern of many teachers and practitioners of Yoga to find the Real thing, but the training of teachers of yoga that grant "authentic diploma". Writes Emilio J.gomez.

Veil yoga

"Zapatero to your shoes"
Popular saying

The Real thing is eclipsed by the reality. The Real is immutable and permanent nature while the basic attribute of reality is the impermanence, and as a result their constant change. Both co-exist together, forming what we call life.

An invisible veil separating the Real reality. The hindu tradition has named it Maya, the illusion. Everything is illusion. Everything is a game. The representation of the unconscious a play where ego and conflicts between egos appear to be real, but is it?

Impediments to the perception

One of the impediments that prevent the perception of what is Real is the projection and subsequent identification that occurs with the material world, which comes to translate into the need created by the ego to accumulate money in order to survive.

Paradoxically, much more money has more desired and consequently also more and more fattening the ego, increasing exponentially the blindness that prevents discover the Real behind the material world.

Another no less important impediment is the same spirituality and indulge in rituals and beliefs which sometimes can rub the superstition. If illusory is the material reality, much more illusory is even spirituality.

In this way, material world and spiritual world come together to weave the subtle veil of Maya. That delicate framework which prevents the perception of the Real. Game between games, between illusions illusion.

Nothing seems to escape Maya

Even Yoga, instrument par excellence to Pierce this veil, has been absorbed by the own Maya. Interestingly, it is possible to perceive how in recent times appears to be the sole concern of teachers and practitioners of Yoga is not find the Real thing, but find the Yoga teachers training that gives the real diploma.

However, one may wonder what is the diploma and who is truly qualified to give such authenticity? Sincerely, what magnitude would be the ego who would dare to do or say something? What is the truth? If you can't define it or say it, where are you?

Everything is Maya. Everything is illusion. Wake up from the dream and discover the Real is the real goal of Yoga. If they wanted to distract us from our real goal with papers stamped and signed to then frame them and hang them on walls, in truth that have achieved you.


But, aside from the attack of acute titulitis it seems to live much of the yogic community today, should be recalled the impermanence surrounding us, and that this will also happen, and sooner or later the waters again on track.

Those who tried to profit by making a profession of Yoga will end up understanding that Yoga is not a profession but a way of life, which perhaps one day I can become a means of subsistence, but it can never be a priority objective of Yoga to a profession.

To have the privilege and the honor to share Yoga with others are fruit and result of one profound internal transformation, rather than a title stamped and signed, since what is transmitted to students is precisely this possibility of change, transformation and internal growth.

On the formations of teachers

Of course, we have absolutely nothing against formations of Yoga teachers. Even we ourselves have participated in some as teachers. On the contrary, we believe that now more than ever the Yoga is essential to survive in the middle of so much ignominy, and how many more teachers of Yoga has been working by the awakening of consciousness so much the better for the whole set of the society. There is no doubt about this.

However, it should be recalled that What matters is the Yoga, your practice and your message. This is what we consider essential to put our energy and effort, before obtaining a diploma. The walls can be flooded of them, but if we have succumbed to the dream of Maya and are projected and identified with what a piece of framed paper can be, we know that we have become to immerse in the dream of Maya.

Return to the origins

Therefore, we consider that this is first and foremost a return to our origins and practice time Vairagya and Abhyasa, the detachment and the constant practice that the Sage Patanjali sense makes more than two thousand years.

As practitioners of Yoga will try to continue our silent and discreet work of Viveka, the discernment between the Real and the illusory, which is ours. And we will leave the world to continue with its constant changes, flowing between the day and night, summer and winter. Day to day fight for the awakening of consciousness, breathing to respiration, heartbeat to heartbeat.

Thank you for your attention.

Emilio J. Gomez

It is the silence inside yoga Association yoga teacher and teaches Hatha & Radja yoga in El Escorial (Madrid).


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