Anusara yoga and diving

Anusara yoga is a style of yoga that offers a very complete practice and with the possibility of adapting to any level. Very complete because at all times it involves the body, mind and heart. Writes Susana G. white.

Anusara immersion

Each practice is a fusion Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti yoga through original and studied sequences to take you to your optimal pattern, to your full potential as a human being.

The use of the Pearly universal alignmentTM allows the same basis to serve from to create advanced practice up to working with people with limitations at a therapeutic level. This is very useful for any Yogi but also for the teachers of yoga, that they learn in a smart way and receive countless resources to create effective classes and care to students.

Currently, the "Anusara School of Hatha Yoga" It is a very professional and well known yoga school. Their teachers are formed strictly for several years in a curriculum broad and detailed studies in oriental philosophy and history of yoga, biomechanics, Anatomy, postural alignment, yoga therapy and art teach yoga. Anusara yoga offers a wide range of classes for all levels. And it also offers programs for those who want to deepen in their studies and practice to devote his life to yoga or yoga. It's almost like a University of yoga!

Full course: immersion

A very interesting and comprehensive course that comes up in the world of Anusara yoga is the Immersion. It is one of my favorite courses as teacher, which I do since 2007. The dip comes to fill the void of quality that non-teacher training and intensive specialized yoga. It is an opportunity for penetrate and expand in your studies of yoga at all levels: Asana (that refinarás beginning to cultivate the alignment of the most basic positions to reach an understanding of how perform more advanced postures), biomechanics, philosophy, pranayama, meditation, Anatomy, yoga therapy. One is the immersion of Anusara® yoga invitation to travel to the essence that pulsates in your heart through the study of tantric philosophy, the practice of the universal principles of alignment™, and the power of the Kula, the community of Yogis with whom you will share this experience creating strong and lasting ties.

Dip consists of a total of 108 hours, normally divided into three blocks of 36 hours. Is aimed both at students who want to deepen their own practice and knowledge of yoga, as to those who want to train as teachers of yoga, because immersion in addition It is the first part (108 200 hours) of the Anusara Yoga teachers training (approved by the Yoga Alliance). On the dive there is no focus on teaching methods or pressure to teach. The art of teaching learning in the second part we call teacher training or teaching methodology. Many students have already mentioned how the dip 1, 36 hours, is in itself a very complete yoga course.

The contents of the dive are distributed approximately follows: 33% of philosophy (although there is an emphasis in tantra philosophy, base of Anusara yoga, and studied history of philosophy of yoga and texts as the) Yoga Sutras or the Baghavad Gita en profundidad); un 50 % de práctica de asana y estudio de los Principios Universales de Alineamiento; y un 17% dedicado a pranayama, meditación, contemplación y anatomía.

Si quieres ver el contenido específico de cada bloque de la Inmersión puedes visitar

Y para los textos que se exploran en este curso así como otras lecturas complementarias que pueden ser de tu interés:

¿Quién puede estar interesado en la Inmersión?

  • Estudiantes y practicantes de yoga comprometidos que quieren sumergirse más profundamente en el conocimiento y la práctica de la tradición milenaria del yoga.
  • Cualquier persona interesada en practicar, experimentar y entender Anusara Yoga.
  • Yoga students who wish to understand the context of the practice of hatha yoga, through the study of Scripture and, especially, of the exploration of the culmination of Hindu thought: the Kashmir Shaivism and the tradition of Sri Vidya.
  • Yoga teachers who want to learn a new style of yoga, based on the tradition but using more sophisticated alignment principles.
  • Students who want to make a quality yoga teacher training course: immersion is already the first part (108 200 hours) of training of teachers.
  • Aquellas personas con el deseo de enseñar Anusara Yoga: la Inmersión es el primer paso para aquellos embarcándose en el sendero para ser Instructor Inspirado en Anusara o Instructor Certificado en Anusara.

La próxima Inmersión comienza en marzo en Madrid y ¡la inscripción está abierta ya!

Information and registration:

Susana Garcia white es Profesora Certificada de Anusara yoga

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