Those bad, treasures of great power

You know the meaning and history of these small treasures? Is back to the traditions dharmic centuries back and are a part essential in the practice of the yoga and the meditation. Discover why.


Etymologically coming from the Sanskrit JAPA Mala ("repetition necklace"), the Mala were used from 6000 years ago as objects of power in the practice of yoga and japa meditation, taking their roots in Hinduism with some first necklaces of 108 accounts of Rudraksha, that more forward were adapted to the Buddhism.

These objects sacred are ported by practitioners of yoga and meditation, Holy and all type of personalities, always revered by his ability to provide a sense of balance and harmony for each individual and for the society in its set.

With them, It takes the record of them recitations of mantras, that is repeated 108 times to get to a State of calm and serenity. To carry to out this practice, is should take the bad in the hand right with them fingers thumb and void, and move them accounts with the finger heart while is pronounce the mantra.

The number 108 is important for many reasons. Is is of a number surrounded of a halo magical and special that is repeated throughout all our history both in East as in West, in measures astronomical, astrological, arithmetic, geometric, mathematical and symbolic.

Between them that make them dharmic traditions, It is believed that there is 108 stages in the journey of the soul human, and also is believes in the importance of this number to the Chakra heart, by having 108 lines of energy that lead to it. There are 108 goddesses in hindu mythology, and 108 sensations associated the concept of time (associated with the past 36, 36 to the present, and 36 to the future)

The material: the Rudraksha

The Rudraksha It is one of the noble materials which can develop and which were composed the first Mala. It is a tree that grows exclusively from the plains of the River Ganges to the foothills of the Himalaya, that a curious blue fruit seeds are extracted.


The Rudraksha is known for its electromagnetic, ParaMagnetic and inductive properties in contact with the skin, with studies scientists that it guarantee by virtue of its complex composition of four elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. The life of these particular seeds can be of up to eight generations.

The name of this seed comes from the Sanskrit and means "the eyes of Shiva". Is believes that Shiva meditated on the welfare of the humanity, and came out tears of compassion of their eyes that to the arrive to the Earth crystallized to form trees of Rudraksha.

Each seed has a number of facets or faces that draw a serrated only, as our fingerprints. They are the so-called Mukhis or Mukhas, and he is believed to have certain specific qualities depending on your number of faces.

How to identify a real bad?

  • Possess number spiritual specific: 108 beads of Rudraksha or others materials noble.
  • The thread that runs through the bad should be 3 0 9 strands of natural thread.
  • Are blessed by a high priest to confer their prana.
  • Are made by hand with materials noble in its whole.
  • Accounts are pierced in the case of the Rudraksha from part of union to the tree, to maintain their power, and between account and account are knotted.
  • Can combine gems, training to the poor of qualities concrete.

Where find them?

The poor have come to the West to stay thank you proposed as Mukhas Collection and to the important boom that these disciplines are experiencing in our country.

Today, we can find these pieces in online stores such as Mukhas Collection, that brings by first time to Spain from Bali authentic bad ecological, sustainable and of trade fair, respecting the modernity in its elaboration and elements. Are made by hand with gems and Rudraksha or Rudrani, each one represents an essence or intention, and have with a design that us allows carry them in our day to day always with us, benefiting us of them qualities of these parts unique.

We invite you to try the practice of these powerful objects that survive today after centuries of history and use by the peculiarity of their message and energy.

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