Matt Barnes lost almost 10 pounds doing yoga

Matt Barnes, Los Angeles Clippers forward, lost almost 10 pounds doing yoga this summer. The player revealed his secret: spend the summer meditating with ladies between 45 and 60 years who gave advice to improve your fitness. We share news published in ACE.


Matt Barnes, eaves of the Clippers and one of the stars of the NBA, has embraced the fashion of losing weight this summer as LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, Although he has done so thanks to yoga. "I think that I should have recorded. I went to a fairly rare class. They were all women between 45 and 60 years and I was there with my shorts and my tattoos. Women looked at me as if to say: 'You've missed?' ", features Barnes, who turned 34 this year and which has been removed from over 20 pounds, nearly ten kilograms." "Now I weight 210 lbs (about 95 kilos) and I think that not weighed that since tenth or eleventh-grade." What would be in Spain to 4º of ESO or 1 year of high school.

But yoga has also served him for more, for example, improve your flexibility. "At the beginning we meditated and I couldn't hardly bend my legs. I tried it but I thought 'what the hell painted here'. I kept trying and my colleagues gave me tips to help me stretch. It was surreal to those ladies who neither knew who was help me train. I would like to have recorded their eyes when I arrived and saw that it was not able to do anything and when I finished and Yes did the exercises."

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By • 17 Oct, 2014 • section: General