The Prana and the ion negative

The human being needs the prana to live. Prana es una palabra sánscrita que podemos traducir como “energía”. Pero ¿qué es lo que lo compone? Escribe Natalia López.

pure air

There are people, especially those who has the most "scientific" mind that costs them experience the prana or energy within themselves, and they need to have a parallel with what surrounds us to understand it. What no one can deny is that everything around us is composed of chemical compounds, atoms and ions. Here we will talk about the ions.

We have more negative ions than positive inside of all cells. Negative ions need positives to give life to the cell, instill the necessary energy so that all functions can be carried out and for an optimal communication between the cells of a same organ, in such a way that organs can function in a way proper.

The same happens with electricity. We need positive and negative poles to allow electric power, it is possible to have light in our homes and appliances work.

On the outside of cells, there are more positive than negative ions. When we have excess positive ions, our energy level drops and the prana decreases.

How to get more negative ions?

Life in the big cities, with the asphalt, stress waves that surround us, conditioners, pollution... All this we saturated positive ion. On the contrary, when we are in nature and are in contact with the Earth, a river, a waterfall... and we breathe in the form of ozone molecules, either when it rains, or when we eat natural products, occurs a considerable increase in negative ions in our body.

We offer negative ions to our cells to get the excess of positives, which already exist in abundance, thus to neutralize and is possible to increase the level of prana, our energy, to the extent possible.

En nuestras casas podemos disponer de pequeñas fuentes de iones negativos. Lámparas de sal, abrir las ventanas y ventilar después de llover o de una tormenta. Nutrirse con alimentos vivos y, por supuesto, estar en contacto con la naturaleza siempre que se pueda.

With these small changes, it will be possible to increase the levels of negative ions and as a result we will experience an increase of power in our lives.

Be aware of prana that surrounds us, knowing it properly distribute within us and use it to our advantage is what is pranayama, among many other things. Things in this space, we will discover little by little.

Natalia Lopez teaches Hatha yoga and Pranayama in El Escorial, on the Association of Yoga inner silence.

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