The Light of Being

The ancient instruction of yoga reads: "When thought ceases, the light of being is revealed." According to Patanjali, the yoga encoder, when one manages to inhibit thoughts, he establishes himself in his real nature. Write Ramiro Calle.

Throughout India's history of spiritual wisdom, there has been a constant insistence on stopping thoughts so that we can experience the source of thoughts and develop a special kind of knowledge and perception. A knowledge that is suprarational and that allows a high type of capture that transforms and cooperates in conscious evolution.

There is an Indian text, of about the fourteenth century, which includes only one hundred and twelve methods for the control of thought and thus being able to silence the mind and move to the origin of it, thus obtaining a state of fullness, deep calm and bliss. This text is the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, essential, of course, for every scholar of Indian philosophy, but also for the meditation practitioner.

I enthusiastically suggested Basilio Tucci (EDITOR of ALS) to publish it, accompanied by an introduction of mine and notes that I deemed necessary to make the text more affordable to the reader in general. Fortunately, now the work is already in the bookstores and the interested reader will find in it a valuable manual containing those hundred and twelve techniques to be able to silence the mind and hear the voice of its essential nature.

Many of the techniques that this work collects I have taught in my mental yoga and meditation classes more than four decades ago. I write in the introduction: "In the emptiness of the mind is a message that escapes us. In that glorious emptiness that comes when one moves past automatic thinking and you hear the voice of the real self."

This text offers us a "life technique", for to the extent that we learn to be more ourselves ourselves, the better we will face the vicissitudes of daily life. Today, also for the ELA publishing house, I am making the introduction and notes to another text of great spiritual relevance: Los Shiva Sutras. There is no doubt that a book can also have a lot of guidance and, above all, to serve as a breath and keep alive the fire of spiritual motivation.

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By • 4 Jun, 2014 • Section: Ramiro Calle