Interview with Nadia Narain: "Be strong without hard and soft without weakness woman is an art"

Nadia Narain is one of the most appreciated teachers of yoga in the United Kingdom, after 17 years of teaching. His specialty is the pre-and postnatal yoga, and as a doula has assisted many celebrities in their deliveries. Now it comes for the first time to Spain to direct an interesting formation at Zentro Yoga in Barcelona. Interview Yoga network.


He studied with Cyndi Lee, Erich Schiffmann and Christopher Titmuss. His interest in prenatal yoga awoke from the hand of Gurmukh Khalsa (pioneer in prenatal yoga), with whom he studied for 13 years. In addition, trained as a doula with INA May Gasking in The Farm, and massage for babies as well as hipno-birthing technique facilitator.

Nadia has developed his own method of prenatal yoga, lathe has created to which a large community of yoga pre and postnatal in London since the year 2000, and count among their clients with a long list of celebrities as Rachel Weisz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Luella Bartley, Kate Moss, or Jools Oliver. In addition, it is a recognized teacher of vinyasa yoga. It has its own yoga centre, Nadia Narain, and teaches at the most famous study of London Soho, Triyoga.

This yoga teacher who will direct an interesting formation of prenatal yoga in Zentro Yoga the months of may, June and July. You can see all the details here:

Entevistamos to Nadia Narain:

You have created your own holistic prenatal yoga method. With what objectives and benefits stand out?
I'm very influenced by my first teacher Gurmukh Khalsa and Ina May Gaskin. Then, after years of work with pregnant women and teach in a yoga studio, have been understanding more the woman pregnant-type and what ones need flexible or soften what others that never did yoga need to reinforce. I try to find the incredible balance between being strong without hardness and rigidity, and be smooth without weakness or destabilizing. Achieving this is an art. And if we can master it, then come to be very powerful women, pregnant or not! All births I have attended also have taught me a lot, and these teachings are somehow in my method.

What do you think prenatal yoga practices 'traditional', that more and more women follow? Do they differ from your method?
They are fantastic, and every teacher has their own style. I have always followed a fluid and dynamic yoga practice in my classes for pregnancy. I'm told that my classes are strong... Although, as I'm doing me more and I am much more softening me (smiles).

Hypno-birthing. What is it?
I find very similar, the hypno-birthing and meditation since they are based on the domain of the mind. The mind and body work together; When we can dominate our thoughts, we can also master our body. I studied with Marie Mongan, his philosophy was exactly how I was taught to me, and I loved it. I do not teach hypno-birthing because mine is yoga. However, his book is on the list of must read and I recommend it to all pregnant women.

How can stimulate or improve the connection between mother and unborn baby?
Keeping the connection from the mother, with her body, baby, and breathing. They live together during these 40 weeks, so it is a good idea that has come to know well, right? Things as simple as placing hands in belly or talk to the baby. Understand that a mother is from conception, not only from birth.

As a doula, what, in your opinion, the best way to give birth? Is it true that the position in cuadrupedia favors the delivery rather than the position lying on your back?
I have my opinion and personal, from my experience, would you give the woman the option of put into a position that would work for her in his work of giving birth. These positions may vary during the process of childbirth. And work in favour of gravity is what you feel it is useful. We cannot do belly lying! Then how claim that baby out if we stretched out on a bed? Most importantly, that a mother knows her body it sufficiently well to do what he deems appropriate, and that trust in itself and in its options.

You're known for your assistance and prenatal yoga classes to celebrities in their process of maternity. Is prenatal yoga a luxury for the majority of women?
On the one hand it is a "luxury", but I think that also a necessity. In women's prisons and young mothers reception centres there are prenatal yoga classes. I always recommend to my students start with offering service, that you begin teaching where you can find someone to teach. I taught not paid for many years, and always help to anyone who cannot afford it.

Before we used to learn from our mothers and the wise women; now live away from our birth families, and Western culture does not celebrate the pregnancy. Go to yoga classes with other women specifically for pregnancy helps a lot to women, as well as being fun. We learn not only the Professor, but the experience of each one.

How would you say to that it is evolving yoga in general in these times and in a city like London?
It's funny, I just got this elsewhere. It has changed a lot since I started 17 years ago. When I was a student, for example, arriving late to a class of some of my teachers, leave early or watch phone is went I head. It was an honor for me to study with my teachers and I had to save a lot to travel and learn along with them. Now it is as if people got everything so easily that teaching is not always respected. It is a work out either. But I guess I have to learn to adapt more to the times in which we live. I think I'm still pretty old school and strict! But I am happy that more and more people practice yoga. Someone can reach a yoga class because of problems in the back or the hamstring and then it is undergoing something profound... They relaxed, breathed, and there it is!

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