Easter and spring retreats

If you want to take advantage of this Holy week or may bridge to get away from the everyday and make a withdrawal, here are the proposals of Yoga network. You will see that there is for all the tastes and needs, with more or less ingredients playful and adapted to all them possibilities economic.

SS retreats

Spa, hiking, wellness and Yoga in Asturias

When: from the 12 to the 18 of April
Where: Hotel boutique ground of the Aga's Calaeo. Parque Natural de Redes (Asturias)

Seven days of dream in a book of the biosphere, www.parquenaturalderedes.es, paradise Asturian hidden among high mountains and green valleys, home of the bear, the Wolf, the deer, the roe deer, the chamois, the grouse, the Otter... Native forests of beeches, Oaks, ash trees, birches, Alders, chestnuts, maples.

Small luxury boutique hotel designed in stone and wood, in an apartment as a suite, counting with wifi and amenities, gourmet restaurant and a SPA overlooking the steep valley where you can enjoy exclusive beauty and relaxation treatments.

It includes four hiking trails in that wild nature within the reserve, enjoying the spring in all its splendour in ravines, gorges, hills and forests... Four workshops of yoga and meditation, two workshops on astronomy + observation of the magical sky night full of stars. A massage hindu of head and back or feet and legs to choose, with the possibility of receiving others massages and treatments to prices super-reducidos in the Spa of the hotel, as well as the circuit of sauna, hydrotherapy and bath Turkish with views to the mountain by 15 €. A tour guided to the corners of the village discovering the mode of life traditional of these endearing people livestock, and many, many secret ethnographic...

Lead removal: Violet Arribas (teacher of Yoga and meditation, Director of Padmasana Center) and Juan Carlos Escanciano (master's degree in Astrophysics, psychologist).

Price: €590. Includes 6 nights accommodation in double apartment with all the comforts in the hotel boutique ground of the water of Caleao. www.tierradelagua.com, plus all meals enjoying its exquisite organic seasonal cuisine, all workshops and tours, massage and a service and personalized, human and professional.

More information: http://www.padmasanacenter.com/docs/2014primerSemestre.pdf

Yoga and meditation in the North of the India

When: from 12 to 19 April

Where: North of the India

We will visit the Taj Mahal, the temple... in Delhi, and without much further delay, put heading northward, toward the upper course of the sacred Ganges and Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga, peacefully nestled on the slopes of the Himalayas.

We will experience several days living in the ashram and then a few days of relaxation, yoga and meditation in the Rainforest House, a true natural paradise on the banks of the Ganges. This trip is designed for all levels of practice, regardless of your starting point.

Guide, tutor and interpreter: Yogesh Saini)www.yogeshyoga.com). Yogesh speaks hindi, English, Spanish and German. It is disciple in Yoga Shala of Mysore from the Guru Ji R. Sharat Jois. Officially practice secondary series (Nadi Shodhan) and (Chikitsa) series teaches elementary with the blessings of his guru. He also graduated with the title of Yoga Achary, master of Yoga Sivananda and is currently studying the 2nd course of physiotherapy at a University in Germany.

Since Spain organizes and accompanies to the participants: Montse Lominchar, Director of Center Yogasadhana, in town Real, Professor of yoga and forming of yoga air Unnata.

Contact: Center Yogasadhana. l T 926 67 07 85 / 600 58 23 81

More information: www.yogasadhana.es

Ayurveda and meditation in Kerala, India

When: from the 12 to the 21 of April
Where: Kerala, to the South and the Indina

Milindias, a project created by a group of search engine that offers travel to enjoy, learn, experience and celebrate the "thousand Indies" approaching aspects very varied and rich, organizing this trip.

Kerala, that in malayalam (language local) wants to say "land of coconuts", is it more similar to the paradise terrestrial. In it is merged its beauty natural with the particular philosophy of life of their inhabitants. An of them regions more rich of all the India, has the index of literacy and the hope of life more high of all the country, with concepts so advanced for it India as the equality between men and women, the plurality religious and a high level cultural, that coexist with traditions ancient as the Ayurveda, the Yoga or the meditation.

Region of green omnipresent, of large extensions of Palm coconut, them rice paddies, them plantations tea, them gardens of spices, the jungle tropical with its lush fruits and its wild fauna. Are in a paradise tropical where the beauty extreme of the nature coexists with them masantiguas traditions cultural and with the wisdom of the ancient science of the Ayurveda: a life healthy in that the meditation, the exercise and the fast contribute to the balance necessary between the body, mind and spirit.

It is a trip designed for people interested or wanting to discover other ways of understanding life through contact with nature and the ancient tradition of Ayurveda. In this trip we will offer different sessions of yoga and of meditation guided by our companion, as well as the advice to them different types of treatments Ayurvedic that receive by them specialists local.

More information: http://milindias.com/index.htm

Great week retreat Yoga Sivananda Santa

When: from Wednesday 16 to Sunday, April 20, 2014
Where: Casa Toya, Madrid (Zaragoza)

With Swami Atmaramananda and teachers of the Sivananda Centre of Madrid.

Madrid is a picturesque village of Zaragoza, to the feet of the Sierra Vicor, surrounded of a wonderful nature. This yoga retreat is the best opportunity to find deep relaxation and fill yourself with new energy for your everyday life.

The regular practice of meditation, yoga and breathing (Pranayama) exercises will give you strength, relaxation and inspiration. The diet yogic vegetarian will help to the body to feel is full of well-being and to balance the mind. Recommended both for beginners and for people with previous practice.

In addition Yoga for children (from 5 years)
This removal is the opportunity perfect for parents and children share the experience of the yoga, creating ties that remain all the life. In the practice of asanas of them children are alternate games, relaxation and breathing to make classes adapted and entertaining.
The practices of Satsang (chants-kirtan, reading of Tales) and asanas is performed separately of adults, with activities to outdoor and walks by the nature. The schedule of children includes two meals and two snacks.

Practical information: Arrival the Wednesday 16, starting from the 14:00 h; first activity to them 16:00 h, class of yoga. The first meal will be at 18:00. Sunday 20, exit from 15:00 hours.

Yoga participation: €130.

More information: http://www.sivananda.org/madrid/vacaciones.htm

Ecoestancia Yoga and nature in Tarifa

When: 16 to the 20 of April
Where: The seed. Bolonia, Tarifa. Cadiz

Our intention in the seed is the of be an Ecovillage, a community holistic sustainable integrated respectfully in the Park Natural of the narrow. The ecoestancias are an opportunity to live with nosotr@s and share a few days of rest and health in full contact with nature. These days we can find calm and time to listen to us and care for us.

  • Practicing yoga and meditation every morning to start the day bringing the attention aware to the here and to the now.
  • Caring for our power with a diet vegetarian based on product ecological and of season.
  • Connecting with nature and enjoying our environment with walks to discover the magical places of the Sierra de la Plata and the Playa de Bolonia.
  • Taking care of our bodies with different alternative techniques for natural health.
  • Knowing our intention of live according to the ethics of the Permaculture: care of the land, care of the people and cast equitable.

Contact: lasemillabolonia@gmail.com

More information: http://www.lasemillabolonia.com/

Yoga and meditation retreat in Bilbao mountain

When: of the 16 to the 20 of April
Where: Casa Rural aquamarine Artxanda, road Artxanda-Santo Domingo nº 24, Bilbao

Say that to be great there that learn to be tiny. And, for this, you propose this removal in the nature, to make us so tiny as those children; mix us with the land sweet, the cherry trees in flower of the casita; do yoga feeling until the last muscle and the single breath; dance, dance and dance like a real tribe, then look at the stars with heart in hand and soul very live; meditate and relax us and give us time to breathe, to live, to be; recover the magic lost, ask you to the astros, to them guides, for stepping with step firm and open new roads. Eat with the hands, with all the body, enjoying of a food colorist, of heart. Encourage you to this proposal, these 4 Magic days in which we will do:

  • Dynamic yoga.
  • Mindfulness and guided meditations.
  • Biodanza.
  • Testing of Chakras and energetic cleanings
  • Nature walks.
  • Kitchen vegetarian and Ayurvedic of Sundari.

Come, come to talk quietly, to recover the calm, to make you small, come, come to House again, see. A environment magical where breathing the smell to grass, and listen them birds while rest, regain forces, and leave that the joy and the calm go flooding you.

Price: €160 only course. Accommodation with full Board, from €190

Contact: 944 759 614-aguamarinabilbao@gmail.com

More information: retirodeyogaymeditacionbilbao.WordPress.com

Removal of introduction to the practice of Zen meditation

When: of the 16 to the 20 of April
Where: Monastery zen of the light serene, Park Natural the sickles of the Cabriel, Valencia

Directed by the master Dokushô Villlalba Roshi

This introduction sesshin is designed for those who have never participated in a zen retreat. They are given detailed explanations about the practice of meditation (zazen), food in bowls (oryoki), recitations of the sutras, the conscious work (samu) and all other aspects of the practice of Zen. Also is dedicated a time to exercises of flexibility and stretching that allow adopting the posture of zazen with greater ease. There is possibility to hold private interviews with the master (dokusan).

The atmosphere of silence and the cultivation of the State's presence in every gesture make these days a fundamental experience in the way of awakening.

On the other hand, the strength of the sangha welcomes us and stimulates us to open ourselves from the heart to the other and the other, apart from the fears and the mistrust that imprison the natural expansion of our being.

All this in the frame incomparable of the Park Natural them sickles of the Cabriel, where the presence of the nature we facilitates the connection with our true nature.

Donation: €265 all-inclusive (accommodation, maintenance and removal).

Contact: 962 301 055-609 415 605 info@sotozen.es

More information: http://sotozen.es/posts/171/sesshin-de-primavera-2014

Removal of spring Swami Satyananda Saraswati

When: from 17 to 21 April
Where: in most the Cadamont. Sant Joan les Fonts. Olot (Girona)

The theme: "the Shiva Sutras." The sadhana of the Shambhava Upaya. "Stay in the consciousness of what already are".

Swami Satyananda Sarawati, master of the Sanatana Dharma, has lived the greater part of his life in the India, dedicated to the practice, study and teaching of the yoga, the Advaita Vedanta and the Shaivism of Kashmir. Disciple of Swami Muktananda, was started the year 1982 in the order of monastic of Saraswati. His teachings, live and direct, make that the Scriptures should be disclosed in the heart of who is listening.

In this retreat he profundizá in these fundamental teachings of the Kashmir Shaivism with contemplations and meditations that help us recognize consciousness always happy and free of our heart.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati will guide us in this deep and subtle contemplation, exposing the way and process internally such as expressed in this relevant agama or write shivait. They will complement the teaching texts shivaitas comments as the Spanda Karikas, the Paramarthasara, the dharanas or contemplations of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, or the episodes of them lives, teachings and poems of the wise and mahatmas of this tradition.

Contact: advaitavidya@gmail.com / 646408664 (Shivani)

More information: http://www.advaitavidya.org/

Yoga, fasting, silence and meditation in rural House of Albacete

When: from the 17 to the 20 of April
Where: Villaturrilla, in Nerpio, Albacete

A deep encounter with itself guided by Juan Ortiz, Professor of yoga, relaxation and meditation techniques of integral development of the human being. Yoga teacher trainer. Founder of the school of Yoga Dhyana.

Contact: 968 27 74 77

More information: http://www.yogadhyana.com/actividades/index.htm

Yoga integral in the sierra de Navarra

When: from the 17 to the 20 of April
Where: Sierra de Ujué, Navarre

I propose a removal intensive of four days, in which through Asana, Pranayama, Kriya and meditation Integral, can create the conditions that facilitate the experience with the master that each one carry in our inside. He Yoga Integral is a yoga live, without rigidities or dogmas, that serves as instructor last to this master inside, that seeks the fusion of it "spiritual" in it "everyday" being this find the base main in this yoga.

It teaches: Saranagatidas, director of Mahashakti school

It organizes: Mahashakti school. T 948 05 07 05-650 060 065

Price: €195, all inclusive

More information: http://www.escuelamahashakti.com/

Holiday yogic Semana Santa en Huesca

When: from the 17 to the 20 of April
Where: House Fustero. Ubiergo, Huesca

You propose a few days different in a space in full nature and time for you. Switch off and take a break in a different environment, where the silence and tranquility make a special sense. An experience through the yoga to relax your body and your mind. We propose you:

  • Kinds of yoga suitable to your possibilities, practices of pranayama, Yoga Nidra and meditation.
  • Excursions to places special to enjoy nature and experience the practice of yoga in the open air.
  • Proposals for: breathe, walk, listen, feel, watch... Time for silence. Space for coexistence. Time to enjoy.
  • Documentaries and lectures. Cooking workshops and laughter therapy.

Know also the sense of the practice of the yoga to understand it beneficial that can result in our days this ancient science of the life. An enriching experience that you can use to return from vacation to improve your quality of life.

Place of meeting, House Fustero, a House of rest in Ubiergo (Huesca) old House of more than 200 years of antiquity in a small and quiet village of the region of the Ribagorza surrounded of monte, vineyards, almond and much sky. The magic of their thick and wise walls will make that your smile is impregnated in them.

Contact: Silvia and Javier Tel: 974 545 312 info@casafustero.com

More information: http://www.casafustero.com/actividades/semanasanta.html

The flat spring power

When: From 18 to 20 April
Where: STA. Mª d' Oló, Barcelona

To the home of the spring feel the call of the nature to the exit towards the outside, undo us of it laziness of the winter for expand us and grow full of life. You propose a series of activities (yoga, chi kung, tours, management emotional, etc..) to harmonize it with this station.

Will be in the flat, a charming house farm in Sta. Mª d'Olo to a hour and half of Barcelona, surrounded of forest and silence. All of this with a relaxed dynamic that will allow you to retrieve the connection with yourself and with nature. Dynamic yoga.

Contact: the workshop of yoga. Dr. Fleming 22, 08330 Premià de Mar. T 93 751 3325 info@tallerdeiogapremia.cat

More information: http://vacacionesdeyoga.blogspot.com.es/

Yoga, meditation and personal growth

When: from 18 to 21 April
Where: Farm house in the Natural Parc of the Montnegre

"Attracting opportunities from the heart" is the motto of this retreat for yoga, meditation and personal growth between sea and mountains in the Natural Parc of the Montnegre (Barcelona) and Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona). An idyllic place where we will have time to practice yoga, generative coaching, meditation, feel the beauty of nature, walking, and look towards our interior. This retreat is an opportunity to reflect and deepen our interior, release and attract opportunities by opening the heart chakra.

It is of allow being more prosperous from the consciousness of the heart. "The more I open, more I attract to me". No need to try me. We are creators of our reality and attract our life situations that we live in, but we may not be aware of them. In this workshop we will do a deep consciousness decision reviewing what we attract. With the base of the Kundalini Yoga, learn to live in coherence with the abundance and to attract consciously what that need. To allow something new in our life we must let something old out. For this, is essential heal them old wounds or locks emotional of the last and to connect with the source infinite of resources and of possibilities that resides within you and that us helps to live as really want from our heart. We will work with Kundalini Yoga, rebirth, meditation techniques and generative Coaching, creating a sacred circle of work in union. Will accompany the work energy with experiences: walks by the nature of hiking aware, fire sacred, meditation in the beach low it put of the Sun, dance energy, etc.

Price: €325 (discount: €10 If you repeat removal). Price includes: accommodation in pension full shared room, vegetarian and full course. Does not include transportation to the House.

Contact: info@almadeyoga.com T 610.99.60.69 | 93.435.66.68

More information: http://www.almadeyoga.com

Removal of spring in Guardamar

When: 30 April to 4 may
Where: Guardamar del Segura, Alicante

A time of relaxation, a time to enjoy the Sun, the beach and yourself. Discover the activities that we offer you as you regain your vitality, your strength and harmony... Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, meditations, harmonization through the sound. If you want to come with the family and they also enjoy the beach and a special holiday.

Prices: from 26o € (4 days complete accommodation, activities and pension full)

Contact: 49457932-661765145

More information: http://laluzdeambar.wordpress.com/retiro-de-otono/

Removal of silence in Segovia

When: 30 April-4 may
Where: House of spirituality of the convent of San Juan de la Cruz. Mall of the Fuencisla, s/n. Segovia

Intensive practice of meditation. Withdraw in silence and stillness to allow the mind is stilled and let go into the depths of the self. Do not do anything, but allow that all happen. Listen to the vibration of silence until he became one with it, fading away into nothingness to be everything.

The mind always wants to do something and the ego to get it all. However, between trying to get and the constant to make opens a fissure through which life escapes as if it were water between your toes, while a strange restlessness begins to invade us. The anxiety is is installed as if were something normal, but would it is?

This removal is a proposal of internal work, intended for those who really have a genuine thirst for understanding, and so long to stop along the way. Stop and just listen. A time intended to make the "not-do" to feel the body, remember the forgotten itself same and hear the soul.

Accommodation with full board price: €168. I withdraw €130 partners and 150 non-members.

Contact: 616 660 929 info@silenciointerior.net

More information: http://www.silenciointerior.net/agenda/retiro-de-silencio/

Living in care, removal of Integral Yoga

When: from the 15 to the 18 de mayo
Where: The sky of la Vera

Swami Gyan Dharma (native of Denmark although not has returned to their country since marched to India) is disciple direct of Swami Satyananda, that convivo with him many years. Is a great friend of Swami Nishchalananda and of Swami Muktidharma, also disciples direct of Satyananda and great disseminator of this tradition in West, that it choose to direct their respective ashrams in Wales and New Zealand when is absent in their travel.

The sky of la Vera has chosen to return to the (literal) forest as the ancient Yogis, i.e. out of truth to nature.

Mantras and kirtans convarios members of Sunyata.

Direct: Swami Gyan Dharma (Denmark) and Eva Espeita (Swamini Radhananda)

Contact: contacto@aushadhiyoga.com

More information: http://www.aushadhiyoga.com/curso-viviendo-atencion.html

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