Mudras: Dharmachakra Mudra

Dharmachakra Mudra can be translated as "Wheel of Dharma" in Sanskrit original. This mudra is one of the most important of all Buddhist mudras.

Dharmachakra mudra Both hands are at the height of the chest, right a little higher than the left. In both the thumb and forefinger are United. The left hand has turned Palm into the heart and right back turned toward the body. The left middle finger touches the point where the thumb and forefinger of the right hand meet, closing the circle.

Before reading, stop a moment and try to form the Dharmachakra Mudra. So take a deep breath and perceives the three tips of fingers together. How do you feel? Can you perceive a change in your mood? Isn't it?

The hands are two wheels, and wheel embodies in the Indian mythology perfection or the wheel of life which is like a thread through the great variety of experiences. But they are two wheels and this It refers to the doctrine of reincarnation.

The left middle finger (Saturn) represents the passage from this world to the more beyond, death and birth. This mudra has Another very special meaning. The left hand, which designates the heart, symbolizes my inner world, the right hand notes my environment. The inside and outside must be in harmony, because if not, my forces are not in balance and I'm not happy. This means, for example, that I have to make my contribution to society, that I must fulfill my obligations and pick me up and retire to rest. But it is also important that I should reserve enough time for the gatheringwhere I get new strength and wisdom.

This mudra It also refers to the eternal transformation. A motto that served for the good times and the hard times says: "This is also temporary." If we take it into account, we are a little closer to the inner serenity, balance and harmony.

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By • 19 Feb, 2014 • section: Practice