Yogakala, 2014 teachers training course

The renowned Professor Upendra K. Arya directs this training programme in Yoga, which is characterized by the deep research of traditional Hatha Yoga from a new perspective. The Yogakala method focuses on exploration of vital energy (prana) channels and their effects on the physical body and mind... Beginning on February 15 in Barcelona.


Would you like to get together with a good teacher of yoga traditional but creative? The method of Upendra K. Arya It focuses on exploring channels of vital energy (prana) and its effects on the mind and the physical body.

Upendra K. Arya was born in New Delhi, India, in 1976. At age eight her parents interned him in a traditional Vedic school (Gurukul), so familiarize you with Hatha Yoga and the Vedas. In the twenties, when he left the Gurukul, he practiced and was formed with many teachers of yoga in the Western world, including David Muesham and Gustavo Ponce and Ashrams of renowned teachers indio:Rudra Swami (Iyengar), Devavrata, Swami Vidyananda and others. It has subsequently continued researching until clarity about the subtle Anatomy and Musculoskeletal related to the practice of Hatha Yoga. For 20 years, he has taught all over the world, and established its own centre Yogakala in Barcelona since 2003, integrating all the techniques of Hatha Yoga according to its own way of understanding the sense and reason of the Yoga.

He has taught by all Spain, India, Argentina, Chile and the Netherlands. Since 2003 he teaches his own method in Barcelona, integrating the techniques of the current masters of Hatha Yoga according to its own way of understanding the sense and reason of the Yoga.


Yogakala offers a Hatha Yoga practice traditional based on knowledge of the anatomy and subtle Anatomy (flow of prana through the nadis). With a tour through all the techniques of Yoga (Hatha, Pranayama, meditation, Nada, Nidra, shatkarmas, mudras...), its theory and practice, applications, benefits and directions.

The Yogakala method It has been developed by Upendra K. Arya throughout its more than 20 years of practice, teaching and research staff in different centers of yoga in the world (India, Chile, Holland, Argentina and Spain).

2014 teacher training

Yogakala 2014 teacher training programme includes sessions of philosophical foundations of yoga and conceptual introduction of all the paths of Yoga. Once completed the first year (course of) Formation), is a second year with continued practice and attending Upendra K. Arya in their classes scheduled at Yogakala, for those who want to devote himself to teaching.

1 Yogakala formation

Objective: Introduce the student to the whole range of techniques of yoga with a focus on Yogakala and also introduce other aspects of yoga that are fundamental for the development of the practice: the Yoga philosophical substratum, history and evolution of Yoga, and Ayurveda.


  • 10 sessions of weekend: Saturdays from 9 to 14 h and from 16 h to 20 h and on Sunday from 9 h to 15 h
  • -Yogakala with Upendra K.Arya - optional - Individual practice.


  • Introduction to the philosophy of Yoga
  • Introduction to the anatomy and human physiology
  • Anatomy applied to asanas
  • Series of asanas for Yogakala
  • Pranayama, Bandhas, Kriyas, Mudras
  • Study of energy and subtle Anatomy applied to the practice of Yogakala
  • Mantra Yoga and Bhakti Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation
  • Shatkarma
  • Introduction to Ayurveda

2 Yogakala teachers

Objective: The student should be able to apply what they learned in the previous year to direct the practice of other people with different conditions and physical and emotional constitutions. During this second year aims to deepen the individual practice and especially integrate what they learned in the previous academic year, as well as to acquire the skills required to transmit Yogakala


  • Individual practice in Yogakala with Upendra K.Arya, Tuesday and Thursday from 7 pm to 9 pm
  • Upendra K. Arya (as Assistant Professor) in our 3 h per week minimum Center classes to attend.
  • Monthly meeting of the teaching of Yogakala and exhibition of doubts (3 h)


  • Integration and establishment of the knowledge learned during the first year.
  • Deepening on concepts introduced during the first year.
  • Teaching methodology.
  • Upendra K. Arya-guided teaching practice.


T 932 72 50 80 e

Place: Yogakala - Om Namah Shivaya

Rambla de Catalunya 100 pral 1º. Barcelona.
At least one of the weekends will be at a place in nature.

Dates of the course

  • February 15 and 16
  • March 15 and 16
  • April 5 and 6
  • May 3 and 4
  • June 7 and 8
  • July 5 and 6
  • September 13 and 14
  • October 4 & 5
  • November 8 and 9
  • December 13 and 14

Opening hours: Saturdays from 9 to 14 h and from 15: 30 to 20.30 h. Sundays from 9 to 15 h.

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