Mudras: Abhaya Mudra

This mudra symbolizes protection, peace, and the dissipation of fear. It is believed that it could be used before the start of Buddhism as a symbol for proposing friendship when approaching a stranger.

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Put your right hand at the height of the chest, with the Palm forward.

The left hand rests on the left thigh, on your lap or near the heart.

This gesture can be seen in many representations of the gods.

Protection promises the believer and rid it of fear. It also shows the strength of the divinity that is done.

It should not be forgotten that fear or fear are a sign of weakness. Chinese five elements doctrine is mentioned as a weakness of the fire element, among other things, fear of people of our environment; the element wood, fear before the determination of others; Element metal, the fear of shortage or excess of distance (solitude); the Earth element and the element water, fear of challenges and life in general.

Fear has infinite faces but the cause is always the weakness. A great commandment of the Yogis is non-violence. Stronger is a person, also in the animico-mental area, more you will live in non-violence, because tough people rarely are attacked. Many people are also weakened by their internal struggles, by disagreements with themselves. These internal struggles were moved to turn abroad, to the extent that is attracted to the opponent willing to respond to them. Therefore, when we take refuge in this mudra, will have to think about all this, since only practice it will not achieve anything.

Imagine that you have a funnel and/or gold-plated over the head. During inspiration let the divine light (courage, kindness and confidence) flow through it, between your head and from there to the rest of the body. Let fill. During exhalation, the light will flow again, through your right hand, out so you point it to the person or thing with whom/which you have to face. You may want to do several at once: Please do not overdo. Practice this meditation often when a person or thing cause you difficulties and be surprised by the positive results.

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