Science researches at the ashram

After a month working for a NGO in India, went to study yoga to the ashram Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, in Rishikesh. There I made a discovery unexpected and formidable: that the science can really find is with the yoga. Writes Sara Cogliati, Yogini and biologist.


"[Yoga] is a discipline systematic and scientific that not imposes a faith unquestionable, but it encourages the healthy discernment." Their practices are prescribed together with the detailed description of its beneficial effects, so the radja yoga can be scientifically verified by anyone who wants to submit their methods to the experience. Therefore it is particularly suitable for these modern times where skepticism is almost a religion". "With these words Swami Rama described the system yoga."

These words of Swami Ramaread in his book The royal path. Practical lessons on yoga (the camino real.) (Lessons practices of yoga), I impressed both that the last fall decided to go to Rishikesh to study yoga according to the tradition Himalaya. Was the start of a season full of surprises, encounters and discoveries that have marked strongly my way yogic.

Swami Rama was born in the 1925 in the North of the India and educated in the wisdom of it tradition Himalaya by the wise Bengali Baba. It prompted him to teach yoga and Eastern philosophy in the West, asking him to prove scientifically the effects of spiritual practices. Thus, Swami branch began in them years sixty to travel by them countries Western and to dedicate completely your life to the confluence between the science and the spirituality.

After graduating in medicine, he worked as a physician's Assistant in London and Moscow and United States participated in medical studies on the control of the autonomic nervous system. In Rishikesh he founded an ashram and a hospital (Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust HIHT) for the development of a programme of health integrated, sustainable and holistic.

Following this trail of Swami Rama, now in the Ashram Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama continue investigating. This ashram was founded in 2002 by Swami Veda Bharati, disciple of Swami Rama. Guide spiritual of the ashram, extraordinary authority in the Yoga Sutras and Vedas, Swami Veda speak 17 languages, is a great scholar of many cultures and philosophies Oriental and Western and It promotes communication between science and spirituality. Inside the ashram, in a House surrounded by of a wonderful garden of mangoes and flowers, is the Meditation Research Institute (Institute of research on the meditation).

My experience in the laboratory

Upon arrival there came me the question: What does a research laboratory in an ashram?

The answer gave it me the Dr. Prabhu, head of projects, and Pravin Kumar, that this completing its thesis of doctorate: "the yoga and the meditation are a science valid by itself same, but its terminology and concepts not are covered with ease from the society modern." The Science presents the yoga so that the people can understand it. Are studying mainly the effects neurophysiological of the yoga and of the meditation from data of electroencephalograms, controlling parameters cardiovascular, respiratory and muscle. There are many projects underway, and the more important is the monitoring of Swami Veda during their five years of silence. Only this study will give us important information about the physical and psychological effects of a prolonged silence. Also we will start an investigation on the effects of meditation at the cellular level. Our results are published in four international scientific journals and completed a doctoral thesis in collaboration with the University of Toulouse".

The lab is very active because it is always monitoring to meditators during their sadhanas (laboratory needs always meditators volunteers for their studies. (If anyone is interested, can contact directly with the Secretary of the ashram).

"Science has become increasingly more interested in meditation and starts watching with curiosity as 'awareness' yogic concepts, especially now that the discoveries of small particles are opening new scenarios - it tells me Pravin, a conscious of the limitations of science - scientific. The science reveals its limitations when the yoga speaks of concepts as prana, consciousness and karma. We have to remember that yoga is a subjective experience, whereas science deals with the matter objectively".

I would have never imagined during my trip to the India I was going to find, in an ashram, in science and research. I learned that science speaks a universal language and that it is a wonderful instrument for the mediation culture among two systems so different but focused on the knowledge of the human being. This is what the India can give to who wants to know it deeply and live it without fears.

Sara Cogliati was born in Milan and works now in Madrid, as a biologist at the Centre national of research cardiovascular. Live the yoga as an inspiration constant. With this impulse was two months in the India to give classes of science to children of a NGO and to make a sadhana in the Ashram of Swami Rama of the Himalayas tradition.

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