You have to want to reach Iona

Of all the places connected with the Celtic tradition, the Iona Island, on the West coast of Scotland, is perhaps the best known. When I visited the first time many years ago, I remember that I was surprised how a small island could bear much weight of history. By Koncha pines-Pey Ph.

Isle of Iona

Only three kilometers long, this small rocky island is part of the inner Hebrides. Travelers have to take a ferry to the Isle of Mull, and then through a small, winding road that crosses the island, then catch another ferry and reach Iona.

The air, the soil, the contours of the land, are impeccable, full of old memories, and possibly due to the remoteness of the peninsula - are not allowed cars on the island-, seems as if he had fled from the contemporary age. The air is fresh and energized, but has the sweet smell of the hidden secrets, of the hundreds of thousands of feet that each year pass through this same route.

You really have to want to reach Iona

An Irish monk founded the monastic community of Iona in the 563, and built a monastery on the spot where there had been an ancient Druid Temple. Columba -that was his name - was a leader devoted and charismatic; transformed the island into a Center missionary who stood at the head of a number of monasteries spread throughout Ireland, Scotland and Northern England. At its best in Iona lived 150 monks; It was a famous Center of culture throughout Europe.

The Icelandic Vikings swept her and devastated the community. But several centuries later Benedictine monks arrived again to establish a monastery, and began the construction of the beautiful Abbey which still today dominates the island. IONA slept in oblivion, and once again grew you the buildings in ruins. The island was rediscovered by the Victorian romantic as Sir Walter Scott, John Keats, Mendelssohn o Wordsworth, they visited the island and began to claim the need to preserve it.

In the 20th century, when George MacLeod He founded an ecumenical community call "Iona Community"He began the restoration of the monastic buildings and established a permanent community at Iona. The Iona community has a long interest in prayer, and also music and songs have played an important role in the Renaissance of Celtic spirituality. The community keeps alive the presence of Iona, with regular removal programs.

Son casi cien personas que viven todo el año y acogen a 150.000 visitantes cada año. No está nada mal el servicio a la humanidad. Su edificio más antiguo es la capilla de San Oran, el cementerio que se remonta a los primeros años de la colonización cristiana. La leyenda dice que fueron los primeros reyes de Escocia los que iniciaron la tradición de enterrarse en la isla, luego serian los reyes de Irlanda, Noruega… hasta Macbeth, de la famosa saga de Shakespeare.

While the physical landscape of Iona is dominated by the medieval Abbey of the Benedictines era, its spiritual mapping is full of memories of other times. Thanks to Columba, we know that this man loved a lot Island, and this how inspired you to organize a retreat centre, prayer and meditation that today continues to attract pilgrims from all over the world.

The rules of the Iona community they are: hospitality and the diversity, spirituality, social justice, ecology, the establishment of peace and non-violence, healing and global reconciliation.

IONA is a place frequented despite its small size; its landscape is surprisingly varied, with white sandy beaches, laminated heaths, promontories of rocks, sand dunes, valleys of grass. Those who come here, sure that they hear the breaking of his mind, like the wild Atlantic collides against the rocks, will smell fresh air to salt and will reflect on the value that had the Irish monks established their small monasteries in the middle of the sea, relying only on the Providence to guide them.


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