5 actions of the Yogi

Hatha Yoga, as energy purification system, raises at its base the maximum respect to the adaptation and evolution of each person in terms of their individual process on the path of transformation. At the international school of Yoga actions remind us of the great yoga masters recommend to continue on this path.

Shares of Yogi

As the practice is constant and it is evolving, learning to listen to the body and the forces acting on it. Thus, access coordinate and feel, for example, a stance as a whole which integrates the body, mind and spirit. This gradual integration is derived later in meditation.

Integration is meditation. Conscious perception leads to the self-knowledge. Self-knowledge leads to awakening and higher levels of consciousness. It is difficult to understand and experience?

The central point of the essence of yoga is self. Hatha Yoga provides us tools access to the body, energy, emotions, mind, soul and conscience. According to yoga, be able to reintegrate the consciousness, the spirit, the soul, the mind and body makes us free and returns us to the center that we lost at some point. This way us expands and opens the doors of calm where everything flows in the mind as the crystalline water; where the conscience is stilled and the soul permeates the entire body.

Although it seems an unattainable goal, yoga, at its core, proposes simple and offers immediately. The human being has tools adapted to their circumstances and accessible here and now. In everyday practice, there are 5 key actions that combine and Yogi today is present in their way of preparation:

1. proper breathing. Breathe = live. There are numerous ways of breathing. In each technique, in every moment, in each year there is a way to breathe right. The main thing: reinstate, understand and practice the Natural breathing.

2. proper relaxation. Releases tensions of body and mind and saves and preserved the vital energy. You learn how to "do". The main thing: train calmness in the mind-body processes to obtain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced mind.

3. proper exercise. It acts on all parts of the body, internal and external. Using asana and vinyasa, moving from a physical experience to another more aware and internal. Further, the exercise of the body becomes a perfect way of access and union with the self: a true meditation. The main thing: recover the bases of progress and physical and mental well-being.

4. adequate food. "We are what we eat". Emphasis on eating healthy, not only for the body but also the mind, prevents diseases and has with positivity and lightness to the celebration of life in all the habits. The main thing: generate enough discriminating sensitivity in relation to what is consumed.

5. right thought. Silence the mind, internalize, and above all... listen. This practice, combined with the previous ones, facilitates the connection with others, the understanding of every circumstance, own identification with the world and the development of consciousness. The main thing: find your way back towards yourself to be able to contemplate life as a great opportunity for expansion and growth.


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