Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Maharishi 6

This is the sixth delivery of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Maharishi in the version of Swami Durgananda, Director of them centers international de Yoga Sivananda Vedanta of Europe. Today we will see the 8 verse and verse 9. It is a collaboration of the Centre de Yoga Sivananda Vedanta in Madrid.


Verse 8

Verse 8

The understanding erroneous is a false conception of an idea or of an object, whose nature real not corresponds to that concept.

This happens often. We have a distorted and misleading conception of truth or a situation. We blame people, sometimes, actions that have not been, or thought. We believe that we understand a person or a situation, but often our ego is completely wrong. Then we act in the wrong way, thinking that we really understand the situation. Patanjali says that this distortion in the perception of the ego we cause much pain. By that should try us in understanding the reality. This requires maintaining an unemotional State of mind and see how things that are not in the way that we think they are.

He ego us presents usually a conception erroneous of the reality and as a result, our life can take a heading different. Break with the people, renounce to our works or abandon our studies, very often by the misunderstanding of a situation. Emotions may have little to do with reality. The solution can be a conversation, reflect with much patience, to arrive to a conclusion, through it perception direct and the testimony right, them evidence of the knowledge correct. Rather than give in to emotional thoughts, which have nothing to do with reality, we must check the situation with systematic thoughts. This does not lead to a cold life, but it gives us clarity. Worth it worth remembering

Verse 9

Verse 9

"Verbal deception" is caused by identification with the words which has no basis in reality.

Swami Vishnudevananda He said that many people have suffering of long-lasting because of the verbal deception. You can start in childhood, our parents, our teachers, or those that we educate, we say things that are not true as: "you're stupid, you're no good". These are all verbal deception. If they tell us these things, they will be printed in us and we have to get rid of them. Raja Yoga helps us to free ourselves from the verbal deceptions. For example: If someone calls you a donkey, you perhaps grow ears and you behave as a colt? No, you know you're not a donkey. There are worse words that we and the verbal deceptions can cause us much grief. If someone calls you a donkey, you should not react. Can say: "well, to the eyes of that person I am a donkey, but is so only a deception verbal since I not am a donkey." I can talk, I can walk upright and I can count up to ten." Verbal deception must be overcome. Do not accept everything that people tell you. Think and meditate in the deception verbal, of another way this modification mental painful can bring you much unhappiness.

If someone says: "you are a great chef, prepared a wonderful meal", you feel great. But, in the eyes of someone who says otherwise, because you didn't like the food, you're a bad Cook. But you're a bad Cook? You really know if you're a good or bad Cook. There are rules in the kitchen and if them you still can convert you in a good cook.

The teachers have a way special of remove of us our weaknesses. Staying with them is a constant training. The teacher can tell us: "what is this nonsense? Come, hurry, hurry." But we weren't going slowly. The master, in this way, was only training us. If in this situation can support this "hurry", maintaining balanced mind, then we can deal with everything. Raja Yoga makes us realize that the majority of the concerns come from the vrittis (vibrations of the mind), of thoughts and verbal deception is a mental change important to understand that happiness should not depend on a Word. Then we can look to our relationships and friendships and asks who are our real friends. Those who tell us what we want to hear or who tell us the truth? We like people who tell us how good we are, but how we can be as good at all times? The people with mind weak wish to mix is with people that strengthens your ego and this also is cheating on verbal. When we practice Yoga we learn a difficult road. The training of the Yogis is very real and takes us to our limits, reason by which the majority can not take it for too long. Once we realize the verbal deception because we can not be controlled by others through compliments or abuses. A mind strong knows that the illusion verbal not is the truth.

Swami Durgananda

SW Duragananda Sivananda Yoga VedantaIt was initiated and trained in the techniques of yoga by Sri Swami Vishnudevananda (1927-1993), founder of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta ashrams and centers. As one of his closest disciples, accompanied him on many journeys both East and West.

Following the instruction of his master, Swami Durgananda established them centers of Yoga Sivananda Vedanta in Europe. Swami Vishnudevananda guided it personally in the yoga teacher training and with the title of "Yoga Acharya" named her as one of his successors. With intuition you deep, Swami Durgananda Guide to many people in the inner way and teaches meditation, yoga, nutrition, positive thinking, mythology and oriental philosophy psychology.

Yoga sutrasThe Sutras Patanjali's are a complete manual for the investigation and control of our own thoughts. A classical writing and a guide to holistic physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of meditation.

The practical and dynamic reviews of Swami Durgananda the Raja Yoga Sutras are the result of the inspiration of the great Sri Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda Sri Yogis with his intense personal practice and experience in teaching for 40 years.

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