Nutrition for a healthy menstruation

The menstrual cycle is a psycho-physical barometer by which women can observe the different facets of their feminine nature and connect with the inherent potentials of each phase of the cycle to develop them in all its fullness. Agnes Perez writes.

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During ovulation, we are more active, extravertidas and receptive; It is the stage with the most creative of the cycle potential, while before menstruation, we can feel more connection with our intuition. Menstruation is a moment of renewal; We are more reflective and introverted.

He State emotional and them beliefs conscious and unconscious of them women influence in it part of its cycle that corresponds to the menstruation. By this, writing about welfare menstrual through the nutrition includes both the food suitable to live a rule healthy and without discomfort, as be aware of the influence of them own thoughts and beliefs since the way in that we eat, think and act during all the month influences directly in how are our menstruation.

The long hours of work and fatigue are factors that limit the time devoted to choose food and to cook them and also condition the energy that is being cooked, giving rise to a growing trend to consume fast food, processed, refined foods and quimicalizados posed to pay tribute the own health.

Symptoms of imbalance in the menstrual cycle

Pass without hindrance rules does not mean that they will annul certain of these symptoms as it can be a mild fatigue, the need to tip over toward the same or some sensitivity in the reproductive organs during the first hours of menstrual discharge. Pass rules hassle means to enjoy a regular, short or long cycle, with neither little nor very heavy bleeding, being able to carry out our daily tasks by limiting the effort that we use them in order to save personal energy since our body is using much of it in clean.

According to the doctor Christiane Northrup menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea may be due to some disease in the organs of the pelvis, hormonal imbalances, beliefs related to femininity or not adequate food. 60% of women suffer from them.

Nutrition and hormonal factors that influence in mismatches physiological, organic and emotional for the rule:

  1. Soft, milk consumption of caffeine in the form of soft drinks, coffee or chocolate, consumption of refined sugar, fructose, honey, ice cream, excess fat, tropical fruits, industrial juice.
  2. Excess salt, condiments or salty type snacks foods, consumption of meat and sausages, fish in canned or smoked meats, cheeses, dried baked goods (cookies, crackers...).
  3. Low levels of vitamins of the Group B, C, E and selenium, insufficiency of calcium, magnesium or iron.
  4. Low consumption of whole grains and fresh vegetables.
  5. Hormonal imbalance (excess or insufficiency of estrogen and an overabundance or deficiency of progesterone). Need to re-balance the functioning of the endocrine system.

If the rule you feel or suffer from: aggression, anger, irritability, tension, anger, desire to exploit, desire to eat sweets and chocolate, headache in the back of the skull, insomnia... significantly reduces or prevents food from Group 2 and cooking methods such as fried foods, baked goods, barbecue, griddle or smoked.

Or if you feel or suffer from: cravings to eat salt, fatigue, lack of vitality, confusion, depression, sadness, sentimentality, coordination difficulties, leg cramps, headache in the front of the skull, suicidal thoughts, internal cold... considerably reduces or prevents food group 1, excess raw fruit and cold drinks.

The balanced cycle duration is estimated at 27-29 days and bleeding between three and five days.

Short cycle, long menstruation and bleeding (less than 27 days): the status of women is more active, contracted or taut, well due to sobre-exigencia, stress and overload situations or because the intake of an excess of contractive foods such as group 2.

Long cycle and short menstruation with intermittent and little abundant bleeding: If it lasts over 29 days, it denotes a more expanded, scattered or loose condition well due to lack of toning exercise well due to the consumption of foods such as Group 1.

Food for a healthy rule

At a general level, the power of women has always include natural sweet flavors of root, onions, pumpkin, etc. cooked veggies as highlighting this flavor, some dessert or snack made with cooked fruit or whole grain cereal, little animal protein, and much from freshness of green leafy vegetables, if light and nutritious.

Daily power consumption of organic foods such as:

A) a variety of whole grains: a good dish to revitalize the woman is the combination of brown rice and chestnuts. If there is excess voltage, the barley with blanched vegetables helps to relax. Millet is a very energetic and diuretic cereal...

(B) vegetables and algae: pulses (mainly lentils, black soybean and azukis). The algae contain many essential minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus,...). The arame seaweed is considered "algae of the woman".

(C) vegetables: stews of roots (carrots and parsnips, for example, help to nurture and heat of the lower abdomen organs, to take root). Salad of green leafy raw, scalded vegetables or steamed relax, refresh and bring calcium and magnesium to the body.

(D) soups: a good soup for debug excesses of fat in the apparatus player female is the soup of miso with seaweed wakame, mushroom shiitake and turnip. If are tense and need comfort you, the cream of pumpkin with onions will make this function.

(G) seasonal fruits and nuts: You can take a daily seeds of sesame.

(H) natural and sugar-free desserts.

I) oil Virgin extra: mainly of Sesame and olive, cold pressure.

J) Pickles (pickles): before and after every meal to help digestion.

Agnes Perez He is consultant and cook at the school macrobiotic Ca L'Agnes (Cubelles-Barcelona). Yoga IYENGAR® certified teacher.


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