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Come to know how is make them mandalas Tibetan, Indian, Celtic, Arab and European, without the use of the rule or the compass. It is the so-called "method of Leonardo da Vinci," based on use well the look and perspective. Workshop of Ahimsalara, author of The healing with the mandalas (FASD), the 16 of November in Madrid.

Workshop mandalas

Mandala means "circle" in Sanskrit. This word is also known as "wheel" and "whole". Beyond its definition as the word, from the spiritual point of view is an energetic Center of balance and purification which helps to transform the mind and the environment. Also are you defined as a system ideographic container of a space sacred. Avail painting and designing your own send them without a ruler or compass.

These are the benefits of draw or paint mandalas:

(1) start of a work of meditation active.
(2) contact with your essence.
(3) you Unscripted best with the world outside.
(4) helps to expand your consciousness.
(5) development of the patience.
(6) awakening of the senses. It is likely that you begin to see what is to your around with other eyes.
(7) start to listen to the voice of your intuition.
(8) you will arrange to you and you want more.
(9) you heal physical and psychically.

Forms and meanings

Mandalas are not simple drawings of colors. All the elements comprising them have meaning. Mandalas are used since ancient times. Have its origin in the India and is spread in the cultures Oriental, in the indigenous of America and in them Aboriginal of Australia. In Western culture, it was Carl G. Jung who them used in therapies with the objective of reaching the search of individuality in the humans. Jung used to interpret their dreams by drawing a mandala daily. In this activity discovered the relationship that these had with its Center and from there developed a theory on the structure of the psyche human.

According to Carl Jung, those mandalas represent the whole of the mind, covering both the conscious as the unconscious. Said that the archetype of these drawings it is firmly anchored in the subconscious collective.

Mandalas are also defined as a cosmological diagram that It can be used for meditation. It consists of a series of concentric geometric forms organized in different Visual levels. The forms basic more used are: circles, triangles, square and rectangle.

These figures can be created in two-dimensional or three-dimensional form. For example, in the India there are a great number of temples made in form of sending them. The designs are very varied, but maintain features similar: a Center and points Cardinal content in circles and arranged with certain symmetry.

According to the psychology, the mandala represents to the human being. Interact with them helps you to heal the psychic fragmentation and spiritual, to express your creativity and a reconnect with your essential self. It's like starting a journey towards your essence: opens you doors hitherto unknown and makes that your inner wisdom bud. Integrate them to your life you will give Center and the feeling of calm amid the storm.

The use of the colors in them mandalas also has a meaning special, related with the State of mood of who them paints or draws.

The work of meditation with mandalas can consist in the observation or the drawing of these. In the first case, with only sit you in a place comfortable, achieve a breathing rhythm and deep and have you to observe some mandala of your choice, can carry you to a State of relaxation and you will feel more alert before them made that happen to your around. The observation process can last between three and five minutes.

No ruler or compass of Ahimsalara method

With the method of design (that developed Vitruvius and Leonardo Da Vinci) without rule or compass that prepared makes more than 25 years Ahimsalara, can draw mandalas multiple and train to your brain to its maximum development creative and then coloring them for your benefit chromatic. Also can check the crowd of send them designed by his school and collected in their books to the respect. Choose a model that you inspire, selects them instruments (colors, markers, watercolors, for example), and then install you in a site calm to begin your work. If you think that need helps to exteriorize your emotions, can colorearlps of in towards outside; If on the other hand, you want to find your Center, paint them from the outside inward.

Perform mandalas is a work that can make any person, without matter his age or religion. It is a simple practice that will result in personal benefits and achieve inner balance.

The workshop

The message secret of the mandalas

He gives: Ahimsalara.

When: November 16

Opening hours: from 16 to 20:00 h

Where: School of Yoga of the tables. C / Isabel Colbrand 10-12 (the tables) 5th floor, local 131, access by Alfa III-A1. 28050 Madrid telephone of attention 810101082

More information:

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