Mudra: Maha-Sacral-Mudra

The Maha-Sacral-Mudra relieves complaints of the lower abdomen, because they are caused by menstrual cramps, constipation or bladder or prostate disorders.

Sacral Maha mudra

To practice it, unites the annular yolks one another and your little fingers with the thumb. During 10 respiratory movements keep this position and then change it.

Then joins the fingertips of your little fingers one another and the annular with the thumbs. Also hold this position for 10 respiratory movements.

Do it as you need it or 3 times a day for 7 minutes.

This wonderful mudra is helpful in the case of abdominal discomfort, especially for the pains of menstruation, when a weak bowel activity occurs, intestinal spasms occur, or are suffering from disorders of the bladder or prostate. It provides relief, relaxing and balancing the energies.

After 50 years, many people are affected by disorders like weak bladder, hemorrhoids, slack or tension in the zone of the year and the gall bladder. With training, the pubococcygeus muscle can improve.

The problems of constipation are usually linked to mental-emotional difficulties caused by problems like having to remove something in general or with fear at having to carry out something until the end.

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