Mudras: Shakti Mudra

This mudra produces a calming our inner effect, so it is highly recommended if you suffer from insomnia.

Shakti mudra

Together the two annular and the two little fingers and bending the other fingers gently on the thumbs, also folded under the Palm of the hand. You feel the breath on the abdomen and slightly prolongs the exhalation.

Practice as you need it or 3 times a day for 12 minutes.

The Shakti Mudra strengthens the respiratory drive in the lower area of the chest; breathing is perceived, multiplied, in the abdomen. It has a relaxing effect and favours sleep at night. If you practice too often or for a long time followed, it can produce lethargy. Sometimes it pleasantly distends the pelvis and acts against the spasmodic contractions of the intestine or discomfort of menstruation.

Here are some recommendations for sleepless people:

  • A slightly modified version of this mudra practice before go to sleep. Most people sleep on side. If this is the case, place the pillow between your hands, the little finger and the ring are stuck and the other fingers above and below the pillow.
  • Folding a hand back and turn it slowly to the right and to the left 6 times; then do the same with the other hand; then with one foot and then the other.
  • Rub with a wet cloth the outside and inside of the legs and, without drying them, get in bed.
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