Mudra of detoxification

This mudra is intended to promote the detoxification of the body through its usual means, but also to free the body and the mind of negatives, as the grouchy, negative thoughts or fears.

mudra detoxification

Practice with both hands: place thumb on the inside wall of the third phalanx of the ring finger.

At least once a year, would have to carry out a purification cure of the body, without that amount too that it is done in a magnificent spa or at home. But what is fundamental is that during the time that is done, you care much and allow you to rest everything you need, without forgetting to include sufficient exercise (walking, yoga, breathing exercises). The most effective and smooth is a diet of rice or potatoes. For 3 or 4 days, in the morning, take an infusion of nettles (Urtica dioica l.) and eats bread that is easy to digest; at noon and in the evening a plate of rice or potatoes with some vegetables steamed leaves. Between meals, drink water or take infusions. Every two days you should administer you an enema and from time to time, to reinforce the cleansing with a poultice.

The poultice of potato, for example, is easy to prepare and literally removes toxins from the body. Apply it as a complement to the cure of detoxication general about the liver or lungs or in the parts of the body that hurt you. Boil potatoes with skin and crush them with a fork to form a paste. Wrap in a cotton cloth and place it in the chosen place; cover the poultice and that part of the body with a warm cloth. Leave for 30 minutes.

Day duration that the healing of debugging, is lie down and rest from time to time; It is the ideal time to practice this mudra helps to enhance the detoxification process.

Take advantage of these days to think about what you're willing to put aside, apart from the toxins and waste products of s your body: bad memories, old grudges, habits, traits of character, fears, etc.! In this way, you will leave space for the new. What about?

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