Mudra: Uttarabodhi Mudra

This is an ideal mudra for people who lack self-confidence and are going through a difficult period. Students who feel nervous before exams or people who get nervous before a job interview can practice it. Practice this mudra is beneficial to give a flash of inspiration for problem solving.

Uttarabodhi Mudra

Both hands crossed to the solar plexus, i.e., at the height of the stomach; indices and thumbs together. Indices point to the ceiling and thumbs the floor or the stomach. If you are engaged, it supports the tips of the thumbs at the lower end of the sternum.

The Uttarabodhi Mudra can practice everywhere, at any time and during the time that you want.

Practice this mudra when you feel beaten physically and mentally, you want to relax or need a detonating idea, a spark of wit.

The Uttarabodhi Mudra strengthens the Metal element, which assigns power lung and the large intestine. Reinforces the phase of inspiration breathing and acts reviving favoring a broadening in the area of the heart and the top of your lungs.

The Metal element keeps a direct relationship with the nervous system and every driver of energy or electrical impulses. It's internal drivers, but also external that connect the human being with the surroundings and with the cosmic forces. Element Metal leads the universal force, also known as Chi or Prana, from outside to inside, hence is responsible for internal energy reservation replacement.

Check out the effects of this mudra, you'll be surprised!

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By • Oct 16, 2013 • section: Practice