Book: Between matter and spirit, Vedic wisdom in times of crisis

In this book the author, Juan Carlos Ramchandani, explains that the old Vedic path, the sanātana dharma, is not some other time overcome by events and new circumstances, but that their solutions to the problems that humanity faces in the 21ST century are fully current. Illustrations: Hari Chaitanya.

between matter and spiritIn fact, tells us J Carlos Ramchandani-the situation of chaos and crisis in that will debate the humanity in these times already had been planned by the tradition hindu: are in the Kali yuga, the "age of the conflict". Solutions proposed this hindu priest, based above all on the Bhagavad gita, not are formulas magic. Ramchandani says, chapter after chapter, the solutions found by the India to the great crossroads of the existence.

The book is divided into five parts: Science and spirituality, where tries to maintain the balance between faith and reason. Philosophy Vedic speaks of how applied to modern everyday life proposals and solutions to the Vedic tradition found many millennia ago. The following paragraph is dedicated to the jewel of the know hindu, it Bhagavad gita, How to apply it in our lives and the perennial value of his teachings. The fourth paragraph includes the Social Dharma trying to of bring light on the differences and similarities of the schools philosophical of East and West on the conception and approach to Dios. Ends with a fifth section devoted to the incarnations or Avataras of Vishnu, especially to three of the perhaps more unknown in the West. Each article, counts with a beautiful illustration created especially for this book by the artist graphic Hari, Illustrator of numerous works published in books and magazines specializing in yoga and Hinduism.

The prologue is of Alvaro Enterría, Director of the editorial indicates books, author of the book The India Travelogue and resident in the Indian city of Varanasi for 30 years.

He says of the book Naren Herrero (blog Son of neighbor): "Juan Carlos Ramchandani (Krishna Kripa Dasa), great connoisseur of the Vedic tradition, writes this work from his own experience as a hindu practitioner that, at the same time, lives in the West and meets their socio-cultural intricacies." In this way, and without excessive academicism, the author is able to present us with such complex issues as the law of karma, reincarnation, immortality of the soul or the existence of God with the freshness and simplicity of a friend who speaks to us face to face, but with the argumentative strength who has studied in-depth the Scriptures" ,

Twelfth book of the author

Juan Carlos Ramchandani (Ceuta 1970), hindu father and Christian mother, felt very young feel a great attraction for the India, their culture and spirituality. In 1985 enters in the tradition hindu vaishnava, where it would be started formally with the name of Krishna Kripa Dasa.

In the past 25 years he has travelled on numerous occasions to the India travelling across the country. Is Purohit (priest) formed in India, master of yoga and doctor in traditional hindu philosophy.

He has published 12 books and over 200 articles in newspapers and magazines. Regular contributor on issues of yoga and Hinduism in written press, radio and television.

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