Mudras: Mushti mudra

Mushti Mudra active power of the liver and the stomach, stimulates digestion and is helpful against constipation.

mushti mudra

With both hands, bend the fingers inward and place thumb on the ring.

Practice as you need it or 3 times a day for 15 minutes.

When we teach the fist someone, the other understands this gesture and reacts with dismay, fleeing or attacking. However, this is not the way to solve problems. Therefore, and unfortunately, the attacks are illegal and many people repress them to such an extent that they no longer perceive them.

I am sure that is not good give rein to any aggressive feelings spontaneously, but not to repress it. We can greatly reduce their intensity, knowing its cause. There is «blind anger» and «Holy anger»; between the two there is a world. The cause of many physical disorders such as, for example, the weakness of the liver, cardiac disorders, etc., are repressed or uncontrolled aggression. Most of the assaults have in common the «can't say no", not knowing limits, left corner, etc. The wrong Basic is the fear.

When aggressions, seeks to give them expression in a reasonable time: closed fists with force and gives punches a cushion, runs, hits the ground with their feet, dancing or Ponte to clean something. Then find out the cause and develops a strategy to overcome the trigger for the assault. With a simple conversation is can clarify many things.

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