Mudras: Sushi mudra

This mudra is used for the Elimination of toxins, both physical and mental. It relieves constipation, stress, anger, and general discomfort.

sushi mudra

First closed fists and place them to the chest (starting position). Then to inspire, extend the right arm to the right by lifting the index. At the same time, extend the left arm to the left. Hold this position for 6 respiratory movements and returns to the starting position. Do the same to the other side. Repeat 6 times on each side.

In the case of severe chronic constipation, practice it 4 times a day; If it is lightweight, 6-12 times in the morning and at noon. When you're travel or have an acute episode, practice it every morning from 5 to 10 minutes, before getting up and easily kicked out on the bed. Usually the Suchi Mudra the first act. If you do it at 7 in the morning, before 9 o'clock already you can go to the bathroom without problems.

For the Yogis, daily bowel movements and bowel cleaning have always been very important. Unrest and impatience, hostility, anger, and wanting to cling to everything is often due to a bowel full and therefore stressed.

Against constipation also helps the frangula (Rhamnus frangula).

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