Facial Yoga exercises / 2

Facial Yoga is a natural method that only requires a little time and regularity. Here's the second five exercises, a total of 20 that we will be offering in the coming days. Collect them all and, you know, practice, practice and practice. (If you've not seen the first delivery click) here).

Remove language

Although all the techniques of yoga (relaxation, strengthening, stretching, breathing, concentration) Act to reinforce each other, specific facial yoga are designed to delay and even partially reverse the deterioration of the facial muscles, which are the real breadwinners of the skin.


Mark more exaggerated all the movements with the minimum required voltage.
Maintain every 8 seconds, 4 seconds of rest and make 4 times.
Do the exercises in the mirror until it attains the habit of moving muscles well.


Turn the head 4 times to one side and the other.
Turn 4 times the shoulders forward and backward.

6. to promote the Elimination of toxins:

  • Take the tongue downward as much as possible noting the voltage from birth.
  • Direct view to the rear.
  • Attention: Do not upload the eyebrows.

7. to activate the entire face and reaffirm the cheeks:

  • Open the mouth in the form of "E" (symmetrical).
  • Take the tongue left in parallel to the ground as possible.
  • Direct view in the same direction as the language.
  • Repeat the same exercise to the right.
  • Attention: Do not lift the cheeks.

8. to you have a beautiful smile and prevent the fall of cheek:

  • Open the mouth in the form of "A".
  • Extend the upper lip in mouth as if you wanted to touch the gum.
  • Extend the lower lip in mouth as if you wanted to touch the gum.
  • Climb the corners toward the ears.
  • Go the tab upward.
  • Attention: Leave the mouth open in the form of 'A' all the time. Not raise eyebrows.

9. to improve the forehead wrinkles and sagging of the upper eyelids:

  • Put your index finger between the eyebrow and the hairline.
  • Put your thumb gently on top of the eyecup.
  • Get your fingers toward the eyebrow.
  • Climb the eyebrow to make force against the finger.
  • Attention: It monitors the symmetry.

10. to reaffirm the line of the face:

  • Put the lips in the form of kiss.
  • Upload the lips and stick to the nose
  • Go the tab upward.
  • Tilt the head back.

Another exercise to reaffirm the line of the face:

Get all the face 4 times and stretch across the face 4 times.

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