Mudras: Kundalini mudra

That we are physically and mentally balanced is fundamental to our good health, but to have a totally full life it is essential that our sex life is also in harmony.

Close both fists, without squeezing them. Now extend the left index and put it under the right fist. Place the right thumb bud over the tip of the left index. Keep this mudra as low as possible in front of your abdomen.

Practice as needed, until the desired effect occurs or for an extended period of time 15 minutes three times a day.

The shape of Kundalini Mudra is clear: it is about the sexual force that must be awakened and activated. Of the union of the masculine and the feminine, of the opposite poles. But above all, of the union of the individual soul with the cosmic. The four fingers of the right hand that surround the forefinger symbolize the outer and perceptible world, the left index symbolizes our mind and soul, and the thumb the divine.

A few words regarding sexuality that in Tantra Yoga plays an important role as spiritual practice. It should not be forgotten that sex organs have a great influence on people's moods and that it is therefore vital that they are healthy. You also need to know that sexual desire changes throughout life. Even if you don't have desires, if you're comfortable, everything's fine and it's normal. But if these are manifested, they must be satisfied with the couple or alone. This is very important, since the secretion has the function of cleaning. Bacteria, fungi, etc. that are installed in the vagina are thus destroyed and dragged out. Many people get sick because they don't meet the body's natural needs or because they get stressed by forcing the body into something they don't feel needed for.

As prophylaxis against the discomfort of the woman is useful the lion's foot (Alchemilla xantochlora) and against the spasmodic discomfort of menstruation, the Argentine (Potentilla anseriana L.)

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