Mudras: Kubera mudra

Kubera Mudra helps a lot when it comes to fulfill the wishes, create wealth and prosperity. In addition, daily practice this mudra gives peace of mind, confidence and serenity, and also opens and cleans the frontal sinuses.


Performed with both hands: join the tip of the thumb, index and middle finger, while the other two fingers are bent in the middle of the hand.

Practice once or twice a day.

The Kubera Mudra can practice in the most diverse situations. And not depends on both time and intensity with which it is performed. Many people know him as "the technique of three fingers» Alpha-Training and use it when looking for something in particular: a place to Park, a particular dress, the right book, information, etc. Others use it when they want to strengthen their future planning.

It is always goals that you want to achieve or desires that must be met. Three closed fingers is given to a thing or /y to thinking an extra strength. And it is telling to pass something when they unite is the finger of Mars (force to open road), Jupiter (grandeur, boundless joy) and Saturn (fixation on what is essential and cross new doors). Practice daily this mudra with a concrete objective can be fun. It also gives peace of mind, confidence and serenity.

The practice is simple: formula on your inside your desire or goal clearly, interrogates your heart to know if that is good for you and helps your inner and outer wealth, or if it will enrich your environment. Then three fingers, a formula three times his desire and pushing fingers. Ready! If it is find a place to park or buy a new dress, prior mental preparation is not needed; but not worth the shortcuts for more important things.

The Kubera Mudra opens and cleans (removes mucus) the frontal sinuses, especially if you expect air during inspiration as if you wanted to perceive the scent of a flower.

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By • 17 July, 2013 • section: Practice