The value of translating Dharma

When the Buddha taught his students he spoke the language of its time and place. The words of the Buddha and his students emigrated beyond indigenous languages and finally found their way into many languages of Asia, allowing that be they from infecting your organization beyond the borders of the India. These translations of words and experiences of the Buddha Dharma have allowed that people throughout Asia and the world now aware of his message. By Koncha pines-Pey for space MIMIND.


The Buddhist culture of the India bequeathed a heritage particularly rich in transmission of the Dharma the Buddha to Tibet, where it flourished for many centuries. Rarely has the world has seen a complete knowledge of excellence. It is not surprising that the world seems increasingly in search of the Tibetan heritage in the teachings of the Buddha. However, we know that Buddha Dharma did not appear in Tibet to more than 1,200 years after the death of Buddha. How was that de el Buda Dharma became Tibet a part so important for life? Through the translation. Many thousands of Buddhist texts were translated from Sanskrit and other Indian languages to the Tibetan, and slow infusion of stories, aspirations, research and contemplation in the language and culture of Tibet made it flourish.

The transformations that spread through Asia during the last three centuries in many ways eroded the terrain in which Buddha Dharma grew, but at the same time have been launching fertile seeds by land and sea. The teachings of Buddha have now begun to take root in the United States as in Europe, as in the past, so nowadays knowledge of the release of a person to another through the written and spoken word. For the liberation from hatred, greed and fear, the international community can listen and hold these words.

When our teachers left Tibet and came to the India more than 45 years ago, they left many things behind and lost both. Whenever it was possible, they brought their books with them, and even now continue to touring the Tibetan plateau in search of texts that disappeared many years ago. They have had difficulties and they have had many risks for the sake of preserving knowledge that possess in those precious pages. Have you ever wondered what those pages? Those who have had the opportunity to hear only some verses, just think to hear more.

An exceptional heritage

Suppose that the literature of Tibet had never been translated. What got lost? Today we cannot say precisely how it will be transmitted and will improve the lives of our children and their children into the next millennium knowledge of body and of mind which the Buddhist literature of Tibet can offer to mankind. But be sure you as well.

From the 10th to the 13th centuries, the translation of the treatises on philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, medicine and Alchemy from Arabic into latin gave Europe the knowledge that scholars easterners had taken place for centuries from Greece, India, Persia, China and the Near East. Among others, the works of Euclid, Plato, Ptolemy and Aristotle. These translations in turn play a crucial role in the evolution that we now call the Renaissance European and in the beginning of modern science. Suppose that these works would never be translated into Arabic or had never passed from the Arabic or Greek into latin. How could we renounce that heritage of philosophy, mathematics and the poetry of the India, Persia and Greece?

At all times and in all countries where the Buddhist teachings have flourished, translation has played a crucial role. Perhaps if the texts had not been translated, would have the Buddha Dharma come down to us? This world full of conflict would be much poorer without the vision of non-aggression, gentle humor, and compassionate, effective actions that the Buddhist teachings We offer.

Please think a little on the person who would like to be, the world in the I would like to live and the wonderful things that our children and friends are going to do when the right tools and knowledge will pose in their hands. Please, let us help to ensure the transmission of Buddhist teachings so that they will not fade. That the compassionate wisdom of the Buddha penetrates in the minds and hearts of all who read this text.


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By • 17 July, 2013 • section: General