Asana / Purvottanasana or previous internal stretch

Catush Pada Pitham or posture of the table is the threshold of Purvottanasana or previous internal stretch. We follow the text of José Manuel Vázquez Integral Yoga manual for Westerners (Alliance) Run: Raúl Torres, Professor of the international school of Yoga. Photos: Thor Castro.

Urdhva Dhanurasana

Urdhva Dhanurasana various

The first position, the table, is good preparation for entering a more intense stretch. The pelvis is neutralizes through the soft rotation internal of them hips and the activation of the adductor. Rooting frees the upper part of the body. Sternum elevation allows a more pronounced dorsal extension.

Arching like this, head can relax completely, finding a soft support in the upper part of the trapezoids. Some people are are comfortable in the position stretching the neck vertically, aligning it with the gravity.

Breathing collaborates in the maintenance of the position. The expulsion of air helps the rooting in the bottom area and inhalation to the opening at the top.

Purvottanasana, the position of below, is more demanding that the former. The pelvis remains neutral while the legs together and lengthen. Them shoulders rotate externally and them blades stabilize the part superior of the back. The sternum is opened and relaxes the neck.

The breathing is complete and thoracic to the pressure of the air mobilize from inside the structure of the box thoracic.

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