Mudras: Prithivi-mudra

This mudra provides domestic stability, self-confidence, increased happiness and helps improve patience and tolerance. We can say that the practice reduces pessimism.


With both hands: join the tip of the thumb and ring, with slight pressure while the other fingers remain extended.

Practice three times a day for 15 minutes or according to need it.

Prithivi Mudra can remedy a shortfall of energy in the base chakra. That one feels strong and vital, physical or psychic, depends on this energy.

This position of the fingers also strengthens the sense of smell and is good for your nails, skin, hair and bones. If you feel unsafe walking, Prithivi Mudra will return you the balance and confidence. This mudra active chakra base inhabited by our primordial force. We can compare it to the «core transformer» a rose, where resides the potential on the aspect and the being of the plant; from there roots are anchored in the ground, give support to the plant and take food. From there flows the plant up, for joining to the light, to blossom and bear fruit. This image can be applied without any restriction to the human being. You also need support and food to grow and take root in a place.


  • It improves the appearance of skin.
  • It promotes the functionality of the body.
  • It improves hepatic disorders.
  • Increase internal stability.
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By • 12 Jun, 2013 • section: Practice