Mudras: Shunya-Mudra

Practicing Shunya Mudra you can get mental clarity and wisdom to heal ear and hearing problems. The effect that occurs with practice is the opening of consciousness.


With both hands, bend finger half until it touches the birth of the thumb and press it with your thumb slightly down. The other fingers remain extended.

According to need it or as cure, three times a day for 15 minutes.

It's an exercise particularly indicated for alleviate ear and hearing problems. Shunya Mudra can quickly cure earaches and, if practised for some time, almost all conditions of this body.

Ear problems always have something to do with not being able to hear or also not wanting to listen. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Be hard of hearing protects us sometimes to hear unpleasant or even annoying noise or information that bombards us constantly, but also leave us deaf to the pretty things. Not wanting to hear is the result, on many occasions, a stubbornness that can be fatal. Therefore, ask ourselves the reason for our hard of hearing can lead us, if our predisposition is good, to go one step further beyond to enrich our lives.

Medium is assigned to finger the sky (ether). The point where access to higher dimensions, the gate of heaven. In the ancient myths it is said that if you want to go to heaven, first you have to cleanse themselves thoroughly. Therefore, most indicated perhaps a silent meditation in one's self and the rectification of mistakes. Sometimes really hard to forgive someone; but forgiveness It is often open new doors - authentic gates - which lead to the light and a life without ballasts from that moment. It is as if us much of old charges and we could continue our journey light luggage

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