Interview with Guru Carlos M. García: "Work to preserve the core values of yoga"

Carlos Moses recalls that Gandhi, when asked, on his arrival in England, what seemed you to Christianity, said: "think it Me wonderful; the problem is that I don't see anyone that meets it". Hopefully, he says, not the same with yoga, occurring us "because you sometimes see teachers of yoga, smoking, taking alcohol or drugs".

Guru Carlos Moisés García

"Non-put me in the ground-it says Carlos Moisés García-, I am working to preserve the essential values of yoga, which, according to the yama and niyama, are fundamental human values: the pursuit of truth, non-violence, the detachment, the joy of living, balance, deep self-knowledge... "Yoga it raises you everything and in an organized manner, for the gradual development of yourself".

Photographer and publisher of photography books, specializes in photography of landscapes and architecture. He has collaborated with national and foreign such as Altair, National Geographic, Terra publications... He has made more than 40 exhibitions of photography and published more than one dozen books of photography. His works have received numerous national and international awards.

Today his life is different to that of any. Carlos Moses followed a line formation and human in the international institution great human brotherhood network growth for more than 30 years. He teaches yoga and meditation since the 1970s. In late 2008 it received at the hands of his master and guide, José Marcelli Noli, (the degree of guru, immediately initiating a stage of pilgrimage "at the service of life", as he is told in his biography). Today is the Guru of the order of the Aquarius, and also of the Association International of professors of Yug Yoga Yoghismo (of the GFU network for human fraternity).

What is the GFU network, for those who do not know?
The Cultural Network for human fraternity or Gran Fraternidad Universal was founded in 1948, based on a proposal of the Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere considering the need to make an effort to achieve understanding between human beings and help transcend the limitations and differences of races, creeds, of gender, of cultures, of the level of understanding and economies.

The GFU network functions as a cultural organization open and spreads the yoga mainly. The doctor of the Ferrière talked about that yoga, over the centuries, would be completely, diversified environment that some teachers create schools and that it would be necessary to return to the essence of yoga, without losing the diversity of schools. And he said it in the 1940s, when yoga was not just known.

The network has been working mainly in America, then in Europe. Currently in 25 countries, and disseminates the yoga culture coupled with the healthy living, vegetarianism, also some branches of martial arts and other kinds of activities that help to raise awareness of the human being.

And the initiatory order mean?
The network runs parallel to an initiatory order, whose symbol is a Greek cross and San Andres in which puts order of Aquarius, and it is designed for the new age or of Aquarius, which is due to an astronomical movement that makes that land go moving slightly towards the different constellations. There are 12 constellations, and the movement of the equinocial procession takes 25,920 years, which means that we are approximately 2,160 years under the influence of each constellation.

They are very long times, and immersed in them don't we realize, but 2,000 years ago we were entering the age of PISCES, giving the keynote of faith, of belief, of religion, and we have lived 2,000 years very heavily influenced by the thinking religious, dogmatic, even fundamentalist. And Aquarius however brings the trend of science, technology, knowledge and also of wisdom.

We are now in a very intense process of change of one era to another, and that makes us to see this too messy modern society because there are many items still in the two eras. We are moving from the mythical or magical, thought that is the religion, to a scientific thought. For the doctor of the Ferrière yoga is a spiritual science but science, in the sense that is empirical, practical. More even than the philosophy, because science is testable and verifiable and have been polished for thousands of years.

And that is the reality of yoga, whose core values are very up-to-date with respect to being actual humans, seeking a self-realization, a direct experience of things. It is what proposes yoga: a real experience of yourself, your body, your feeling, your mind and a connection through deeper, transcendental.

How does teach is yoga in the GFU network?
In the RGFU some basic fees are charged for yoga classes, but there is no profit-sharing, all those resources are invested. We have a network of ashrams, four in Europe and 26 in America.

Order is initiatory and transcendent inspiration and uses yoga as an essential tool for those who want to do a more in-depth work on themselves and also want to collaborate in the dissemination of this philosophy project. Members of the order are vegetarian, implementing the proposal of yoga that now in the West is not so clear: ahimsa, or nonviolence, not hurt you to yourself, to your fellows, or animals or vegetables. Members of the order have an active collaboration with this project, which is altruistic, volunteering.

Do you not think that speaking order sounds a little sect? How do they respond to such comments?
The initiatory orders have always existed as the religions and sects. Sects are sometimes minor religions working to spread a doctrine or a closed system of beliefs.

The order as an initiatory organization that promotes is a secular spirituality, and respects also the religious thought of its members, if they have it. There are Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, Muslims, atheists... Does not propose a closed system of thought, but the search for a personal identity through a spiritual experience, although not channeled the minds of members.

Our order in some way has many common elements with the order of the Essenes. They were vegetarians, they were part of the Hebrew tradition while retaining the essence of that tradition. The other branches or sects of Judaism were very radical, very fundamentalist. The Essenes were working natural medicine, cultivated small gardens, lived on the shores of the dead sea, were fasting, prayer, meditation.
Partnering with the sectarian perhaps today day is inevitable. In Europe, there are sometimes many prejudices. The Pope Juan Pablo II declared war on sects and organizations very influenced by Opus Dei, when there was a problem in some sect, made a statement and got everyone there. Once also to us.

We have been in Spain for nearly 40 years, and our work is there. No one yet has put us a demand or claim.

There is now a tendency to yoga with more light, partly as adaptation to the tastes of the young, unreceptive to the more orthodox aspects of yoga and perhaps more to marketing. You avoid precisely this adaptation?
I believe that access to the yoga should be easy; You must not create an esoteric or complicated science. In our yoga classes I've sometimes seen living persons 80 years of age and minors. The idea is that yoga can be presented as a social discipline; However, the idea in our case also is keeping the essence of yoga, its foundations.

We propose to use yoga without bringing it to the commercial field. We try to be consistent with our philosophy and spread yoga as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual technology. That is less popular, but still we work in many places. Our international school of yoga teachers has already thousand members in different countries, and we intend to keep that line. Logically our yoga teachers meet the ethical foundations, yama and niyama, and dedicate part of their time to the karma yoga.

I, for example, along my life spent 30 years working in this project, and however had my work. Everything I did in yoga was disinterested, both classes that I gave as the teachers of yoga that I trained, with this idea of oriental philosophy and some traditions give back what you have received, as a legacy, as a legacy. This is the legacy of yoga, sacred science that helps us to be better, to be healthier, to be happier, to know and understand them better.

How happens this transformation, of being a photographer interested in nature and art, the GFU network guru?
I started practicing yoga at age 21, in the time that was doing the military service, which was compulsory. That environment Franco from then that I stooped a little, I felt that had that have something more. I liked a lot of nature, and he had spent much time in a farm of my grandparents in Galicia. When I brought child to Madrid, I remember that I cried in front of the House. I was educated at a Marist brothers school and the environment was very oppressive to me, seemed all very incoherent and everything was very marked by religious thought. So I thought that there had to be something else. After traveling for several European countries I realized that democracy, which both were missed in Spain, was not better human beings, even though they had more freedom.

A companion of the military service I began to talk about yoga, invited me to a class. I started practicing in Murcia and then met the maestro Estrada, master of my master, and it made me broaden my vision of the world both internally and externally. Shortly after started training as a teacher of yoga and then to give classes in Murcia and elsewhere in Spain.

Thirty years later, now aged 52, my teacher, José Marcelli Noli, proposed to me to continue the road as guru and I accepted.
There are various lines of gurus in the Eastern tradition, but fundamentally guru is a person who at some point in your life, when you have an experience, abandons her personal life and is dedicated to sharing. In the ancient tradition was a satyasin who walked along the paths, sharing his experience with other human beings and living of people giving.

And how living gurus today?
Our online gurus are something like that. We traveled by train, plane or bus now. But continue to live in the same way: do not charge anything for what we do, normally people invites us to eat and go to sleep; We received some small help, but our work is selfless. And in our case we try to unite the Eastern tradition with the West.

The Guru has an initial phase purely satyasin, in which Pilgrim and cannot touch the money, no credit cards, no can ask for anything. Actually life you will leading from one place to another. Have to give to all that have, even to your own family. And then when your teacher you confirmed as guru, have no vow of chastity or not to touch the money, but your life doesn't change.

Do you not have those votes?
No, I have even spent a few days enjoying my granddaughter. That prior stage actually is a stage like test, to see if you can live like this, with nothing. And it is surprising because of overnight leave it everything, even the clothes, that is not yours, and do not know where you are going to go. But it is a very beautiful stage, because Westerners are accustomed to so many things that you think you're going to be able to live, but always the life you will be attending. I did all my pilgrimage in America, from North America to South America, and traveled without a penny.

How to makes people welcome you, have to go explaining who is?
People brings you, take you, invites you. You're not saying who you are, but how you dress this way and long hair (tradition advises not to cut it), many people you ask. And when there is a need, life tries to cover it: not me I have died of hunger, I have not gone thirsty. It is very curious that relationship established with life.

But apart from curiosity has to be a very intense call. In your case, what is the source of that strong motivation?
That is born of the experience and the tradition of yoga. In them, is a cornerstone the figure of the teacher and the disciple. And the life of the master, from some time, ceases to be priority for him in favor of it being the life of others.

Guru or master is not something for everyone, or for any time, but usually for the stage of maturity. You've developed your human side, you've lived, you have successful, you've failed, and have the experience of the yoga of life. Then you can consider the last stage Dela life do something different. For example, I, instead of being a retiree who walk out there in a camper, traveling and taking photographs, ando also on one side to another, although I'm still taking my camera...

Still doing photography?
Yes, but now I don't have sophisticated equipment, but a simple machine. But I still love looking at the world, that is wonderful.

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