The Shankh- mudra works throat problems and helps us to stimulate the ability to communicate, both when it comes to talking and listening.

Shankh Mudra

Surround your left thumb with the four long fingers of your right hand and rest your right thumb on the extended middle finger of your left hand. Hands joined in this position recall the shell of a conch. Hold your hands at chest height.

Time to perform: As often and as long as you want, or as a cure, three times a day for 15 minutes.

As you do so, recite the OM several times; then listen for a few minutes to the silence inside you.

This mudra is also practiced in the rituals of many Indian temples. There, in the morning, the conch horn is blown to announce the opening of the temple doors. The same applies to our inner temple, where the Divine Light shines, and which must also be opened.

The mudra conch eliminates any throat problems and if practiced regularly, especially by reciting the OM, it can even improve the voice. It also works by relaxing and helps you to gather yourself in silence.

In case of throat discomfort, it is good to garrganies with sage infusions, adding a few drops of lemon juice and a little honey.

Let the mudra and the singing of the OM provide you with peace and recollection first. See your hands as a sea conch and the finger you hold like the pearl inside. The left thumb symbolizes the Higher Self, with whom you join lovingly and who provides you with all the necessary help or gives you confidence, a sense of security and, in short, everything you need.

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