There are things worse than yoga injuries

Those things never happen in Spain. Here the penalty hurt running bulls or playing sports like football or the pediment of weekend ethnic and virile. But doing yoga? Would kind of Ladybug ñoño and absurd is precipitating from the posture of the tree? Someone be has fallen from the cat? By Roberto Rodríguez Nogueira.


I know that I am not alone in this and that if I wake up bravely and say: "I'm Julito Contreras (name simulated to protect the identity of the author) and I've injured doing yoga!", other brave Yogis will come out of their padmasanas and say: "and me! I also am Spartacus! "."

Admit it. All the greedy we wanted get nosequé nosedonde without patience enough or the precise technique, day after day, and all those that we take very seriously the practice and do not see as an option to practice an hour twice a week, We have lived it. And, above all, which already not comply them 40 know of what I speak, would truth? I say to you, partner, to the admired in the Ado Mucka Vrksasana (pine) to those who raise with a Masterful perfection... But only you know what you've spent with dolls to learn to not do you harm, or with the rotator cuff of the shoulder, lower back, or with neck, because not started to do so at the age of six but 30. Why you teach it wonderfully. Why your students take more than you to do so. Iran by the best way, the most beautiful and safe. Which you you've currado.

And is that the yoga is as the nights of March, the drunkenness or the arts martial: as more greater, worst recover. So much older, more technical, less dares and killing without dying of it.

It is common to see people in Spain, practicing vinyasas "American". Finally!! I'm beginning to see that the Ashtanga is not already confused some minimalist panties. I see that the level goes up, and I see that that have been in this a little bit more than time (not much else, either;) (Tomás Zorzo carries much more than all them others) must show the scars so nobody kite our errors. The record that I speak of teachers and students very, very dedicated. I don't know of injury going to class two days a week and nothing more. A student can be making a small mistake. A teacher who teaches the same position ten times a day, five days per week, and in his spare time practice and perfect, no.

If you have more than 35 and vinyasa... do you see

Since I've named them still with them: dolls. Attached to the shoulders through the arm, and the force with which we push soil from the Palm of your hands until the pelvis in the positions reversed on the hands is devastating if not done through of a alignment absolutely exquisite along the entire route, at least for those who practice much. And not to mention the vinyasas sitting between postures of Ashtanga!! First Council: If practices vinyasa yoga, do you see by your professor or professors with the most frequency possible. Especially if you have of 35 to above and are get it.

Much practice is not enough. That is a dangerous myth. And if you practice Ashtanga, don't do it without going to class at least twice a week, as the settings an experienced teacher, they are absolutely indispensable. You think that in the tradition kinds are daily along with one eye and skillful hands. And if you're not going to class and your practice is limited to the position to which you arrive with help, then stop you. And the next posture that is not by the book or DVD. You it has to teach the profe adjusting you in it. And if you don't have a teacher close... take kundalinis you won't be the first or first, but look at all the tutorials online and go to class whenever you can (today both are easier than ten years ago).

A setting provides a force extra on a lever that the apprentice no has still. Perhaps the student reaches the same place without this lever, but it may be loading inappropriate support along the way (wrists, shoulders and neck in the vinyasas between positions, and the inverted, sacral and lumbar in back extensions, lumbar in push-ups... and a little bit of everything everywhere).

Only get injured in yoga the cafres, the impatient, the cravings, which (as opposed to "authentic yoga") want to improve her ass as soon as possible or make radical without being prepared, the inflated ego stances?

Lol The monkeys also fall out of the trees.

An injury is not a bad thing. I always say that there is something worse injury doing yoga, and is injury is without doing it. Not have seen to anyone injured is to the fall is of the stance on the head because, usually, know teach well to them students. But yes, I've seen people injure themselves by giving a very light stumble on the street falling on an overloaded articulation. And, indeed, I myself have cured me quickly of sprains, strains, and even more serious things I've done off thanks to a little very trained (and full of scars) yoga class.

For a Yogi a lesion is knowledge, that not is written in any book, about how works his very personal body, of how strengthen it and pamper it and of how not. Pure knowledge. It is not a sin. It is not an imposition. Not is a punishment divine. Is an opportunity and a challenge for return are more attentive, more informed, more loving, more patient and more wise. Best Yogi and teacher, go. And if I hurry, it is also a scar that is trying--perhaps too enthusiastically, but there it is.

Accumulation of errors

Injuries in practice tend to be normal sometimes own a dedicated physical training and the lack of knowledge of own weaknesses. And is that move the joint sacroiliac, for example, not usually come preceded of messages of dolores worthy of a childbirth, nor is a problem of ego inflation. It is something that is produced by an accumulation of errors almost impossible to perceive, even by an experienced teacher who looks closely at a student - unless it has happened that same and students trust him almost all his feelings - is bad? Lol Worse still the same injury by sitting incorrectly for years eight hours before a computer (nothing rare, by the way). A Yogi knows remedy seeking the best help and retraining its practice. A peripheral human computer can go to the doctor:

-Does how many years you have?


-Do computer? That is osteoarthritis (looking from afar to the patient with the peculiar x-ray vision that only give the years say the same). One of those a day.

-How long?

-Getting used to, that is forever. You already have an age. Not want to be a kid all the life?

And first and foremost. He vinyasa yoga We hooked because puts us. It is a meditation in motion. It allows us a point of stable lever for an intense emotional life. A body that not think physically is often more easily overwhelmed by emotional shock, that are transformed, with training and weakness, in permanent physical postures. Of all the drugs that have proven, the vinyasa yoga for me is, with difference, the better.

I wish I had put an ass as the flags (if for hours of practice, would have won me it), but yes it has strengthened my heart and my intelligence, and incidentally, all of my muscles, tendons, my mobility joint and my physical abilities. And I has presented to Dios allowing you shake his hand, and was my hand. It has taught me that God is the rat that carried not less than same Ganesha Ganesha. He teaches me to serve as my body helps me to me.

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