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In Rajasthan, India, a remarkable school prepares to field - many of them illiterate--men and women to become engineers, craftsmen, dentists and physicians in their own villages. The story is really touching and even more results. Pilar Luna recommend this video.

It is called Barefoot College (University of the barefoot) and its founder, Bunker Roy, explains how it works in the video. Pilar Luna says: "how many gifts makes US the India in addition to yoga. This video is to see it once a day and recover the will to live, fight and hope to get it."

Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan, founded in 1972 by Sanjit Roy 'Bunker' (1945), an educator and social activist from India that was rated as one of the 100 most influential personalities in the world by the magazine Time. The Barefoot College is a non-governmental organization that integrates a social work and a research center.

When Bunker Roy finished his college career, he decided to work in the villages, to the chagrin of their parents. His dream was to use traditional knowledge to improve the lives of the most neglected communities, rather than academic or bookish knowledge.

Barefoot College has trained more than three million people for jobs in the modern world. Bunker Roy has traveled to countries such as Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Gambia and has selected some grandmothers to convert them in Solar engineers and transmitting their knowledge. This has allowed them to illuminate their villages.

Even the University building of Tilonia is made by local architects without title. There women and men in the field--many of them illiterate - are prepared so that they reach to serve as engineers, craftsmen, dentists and physicians in their own villages.

The influence of Mahatma Gandhi in the philosophy of Bunker Roy and his project is very much alive. This hindu of wealthy family who one day decided to realize his dream and thus contribute to the development of thousands of villages, explains that solutions must be sought within each village and was not. States: "at this school learn more the teacher that the student".

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