Interview with Mirabai Ceiba: "We want to share the joy of life in every moment"

This duo is a perfect balance of harmony, voices and instruments. Mirabai Ceiba has reached the top in the music for relaxation and meditation around the world thanks to two magical voices. Yoga network has made them this interview.

Mirabai Ceiba

Their concerts are filled with magic, transparency, peace and energy. Mirabai Ceiba Act the next day, may 4 Barcelona)Shunia Yoga), Alicante 5-7 in Madrid. Concerts for love, dream and meditate with fusion of mantras of Kundalini Yoga, singing sacred and songs of love with lyrics of the poetry of Rumi and Kahlil Gibran.

We spoke with Angelika Baumbach, interpreter of harp and piano and singer, it has a voice akin to a sigh, of great beauty and sweetness, and Markus Sieber, guitarist of voice full of depth and power. They are a couple in real life and parents of two young girls.

How long you visit Barcelona and how your relationship with Shunia Yoga originate?
We went for the first time nine years ago, and since then we know Siri Gobind, who someone has become very dear to us, and our relationship with Shunia Yoga.

Are you going to act soon in other parts of Spain, as well as on 4 may in Barcelona?
Yes, in Alicante on May 5 and Madrid on May 7. All our tour around Spain and Europe can be seen on our website

What you try to convey in your gigs?
With the music and the singing want to create a space in where all in the room can relax is and let go them problems and thoughts of the life everyday, and of this form open a space internal of peace, union and love universal.

Which groups or musical performers admire?
We really like Madredeus, Ludovico Einaudi, Paul Winter, Mata Mandir Singh, Sigur Rós, Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Avro Pärt.

What new projects are you working on?
A new cd devoted to mantras for meditations focused on sacred love is in the oven. We are very excited about this project. We will be releasing this album in June.

What is the part of your work that most makes you feel good?
We are very grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to serve to the hearts of the people with something we love to do, and in addition to that it can share with us as a couple and family.

How would you define your purpose, in the duo and each one personally?
Our purpose, both collectively as individually, is that what we do will serve as a bridge between people of different cultures to together find a common language that is music, and recognize ourselves as children of the same mother earth, sharing the joy of life in each moment.

Are you practitioners of yoga? How live this practice or that relationship with Kundalini Yoga?
Yes, we practice yoga every day, and it is a perfect way to start the day, lining up both mind and body. And the beauty of the Kundalini yoga is that the singing of the mantra is an important part of this practice. Singing leads direct to open and to stimulate the heart chakra.

Do you think the situation that the world today?
The world is located in a great change of consciousness, by which apparently all this very moved and there are many crisis in many levels. But we think that everything that's happening is at the service of this great change, and up to us take the opportunity of awakening to our being and heal, do what we have to do to move from places which we do not already serve in our life, to allow that new energies come into us. It really is wonderful to be in this planet sometime.

You that you have two daughters, what you think is most matter provide children for morning live adult in a world better?
Yes, having two daughters and living with many other children, I have a deep inspiration that now is the time to give them ALL our love and support so that they can express their deepest potential as human beings. And actually be able to do this requires that each of us work on our self, healing and more closer to our essence.

Children are those who know and see the truth; It is only a question of giving them space for being what they are in their essence, so that this world can really give a turn towards love and peace on Earth.

The appointment

  • Shunia Yoga.
  • Date and time: on May 4, 2013, at 20:00
  • Where: Barcelona.
  • Place: L'Auditori room Oriol Martorell, carrer de Lepant, 150
  • Entrance price: 25-30 euros
  • Sale of tickets: Teleentrada, Catalunya Caixa and lockers of l'Auditori

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