The Vital energy, a reality (1)

In all traditions mentions are the Vital energy. It has different names depending on their origin. We have all heard of the Chi or Qi Chinese called to discuss the energy flow that circulates through the different meridians of acupuncture.


What actually is the Vital energy? Hahnemann the founder of homeopathy, said that Vital energy is a wise way which governs all life processes of the body, physical, psychological, mental and emotional. In homeopathic therapeutics is very much into account mental processes to determine the remedies and to know the background or origin of any disorder or disease.

We can therefore say that any variation in the vital energy that destabilize it will produce a number of symptoms which we call disease. If we know what is in our mind of this deviation we have the key that will help us to balance the vital energy.

Can I then do to better understand the causes that can cause me my vital energy blockages? No doubt the answer is have mindfulness. Mindfulness will allow me to go myself in order to understand fully the source of my problems. Mind, stress, disturbing emotions, will produce plenty of fluctuations that affect my meridians, my internal organs, my vital functions. We all know that an anger can produce any type of associated problems, from a stomach ache, to intestinal problems, headache, or run out of strength.

Calm mind

Therefore, decided not to see myself to recognize personal processes, my emotions and my locks? I first put me all kinds of excuses: I don't have time, I do not know how to do it, I'm not consistent. What I can do, maybe? Mindfulness will help us, first of all, giving us mental calm. Mental calmness is required so that we can look at ourselves. Stop the mind is necessary to get to know us and to see the emotions or emotional factors that we need to know.

Mental calmness will be the prior part so that we can then deepen into ourselves and understand the origin of our symptoms and disturbances in our health.

In Traditional Chinese medicine establishes a correlation between organs and emotions, the five elements and potential disruptions of Qi. Consider well what five elements through which Vital energy manifests itself, these are: fire, water, Earth, metal and wood. Traditionally it is said that elements are fed each other in generative cycles and control including balancing is to keep the entire system in balance. The balance between the two primordial energies, yin and yang, make that arises the harmony which allows the flow of Qi is adequate and therefore we are in a State of health.

The first element that we will discuss is the metal that is associated with the lungs as the body and the large intestine as viscera. All the problems that we have associated with this will be because of the imbalance of power in this element. It corresponds to the annual cycle of fall and therefore to the era where the cold will slowly settling and affect lung all disorders associated, colds, bronchitis and other.

In the autumn nature begins to change after the summer and brown tones of the leaves and SAP from the tree stops flowing, cold metal element begins to take over the landscape and our bodies. It seems that you want to stay home and not go out so much by the changes of time.

Emotional level we can associate this item with sadness, I can therefore say that when I have some disorder in the lung I wonder that it is happening to me at the emotional level what makes me this emotion or may not be aware of what is going on internally. Then you should meditate and find the root of this sadness. Feel it, knowing where it is deposited and without judging it, recognize it and embrace it. At this time will come me a transformation that I can not explain rationally, I can only see the results, and no doubt my lung will be encouraged and will begin the process of recovery and healing.

Let it flow

Complementary lung organ is the skin, that barrier between our bodies and our environment, we and others. Through the skin I I feel, I can express my affection and I can feel the changes in my environment, temperature, texture, through the skin can express myself and connect with my deep emotions.

One of the most important places where stress is deposited is the large intestine. It is the yang metal element. Our emotions and stress are deposited in the intestine and sometimes produce all kinds of reflections and symptoms, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, irritation. We don't release and relax tensions invade us and we should be more present with ourselves to be able to drain this accumulation of energy which do not flow. Qi stagnates, but not only in the intestine, but above all in the mind. I pay attention and let me have enough time to be present here and now and release.

We are going well to pay attention to this element and to meditate in the lung and the large intestine, We see that emotional deposits have and let's them, let us feel, without judging, without judgment, without naming or even, just let it flow.

If I stress I will allow my intestine is released, only I will see... relax, not judging, feel and flow.

The Vital energy because it can give us many clues regarding ourselves whenever we let it flow and that you can join in the nature of our own mind, creativity, in the flow of life.

By Josep Maria Gasset i Salafranca


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