Homeopathy and Mindfulness

Every scientist should practice Mindfulness; the observation of the facts of nature and science lead us to meditation and reasoning. Without a doubt, the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, practiced Mindfulness.


My claim is based on real and proven facts. To see the facts from the homeopathic point of view should be an attentive mind and must have a beginner's mind, and not judge.

When in homeopathy we take a case, the first thing we do is not judging the patient; This means having an open mind, a mind of novice and an attentive listening to the story of the experience of the self.

Hahnemann, in The Organon (the fundamental text of his work), says that one of the most important aspects in order to understand the person that suffers and comes to ask us to help you, is not to judge. Not direct you and allowing you to blow everything what has inside, with an open mind, we can prescribe the right remedy. I.e., that those who practice homeopathy from the therapeutic standpoint must have a mind Mindfulness to properly attend to the patient.

On the other hand, this open mind also allows that homeopathic remedies are analyzed by the therapist without wanting to direct the therapeutic Act and handle it, let it flow.

The homeopathic remedy, Hahnemann says, should help the individual to heal in a gentle and fast, so you can develop the higher end of its existence. So you can therefore develop to the extent that awareness of themselves and who is able from a mind attentive and calm see.

Mindfulness and multiple intelligencess allow observing the mind and know both their values at the level of learning, how their talents to be able to enhance them and fully.

Multiple intelligences are necessary within the single framework and learning to make a profound work that allows all potentials and values lead to the development of the mind and a fully conscious.

This should also be the value of the homeopathic remedy, since it deep in a prescription, in a situation of adaptation of the self of an individual in a time of suffering in his lifethe remedy should boost the vital energy so you will find the way better to be aware of the suffering and can also alleviate pain.

This is how homeopathy works

The homeopathic remedy uses the potential of a substance that would result in normal symptoms, to be diluted once infinitesimally, the same strength drug that cure the same symptoms it produces.

So we will study the symptoms of an individual and we will choose the remedy that has the most similar and then giving a boost to the vital energy will create a reaction that, by similarity, cure the disease.

But what really is the disease? Rajan Sankaran says that the disease is an adaptation of the State of being. Then, if it's an adaptation, we should not delete it, rather we should understand it in order to change to a new State or vital paradigm. Otherwise we will be taking to be the opportunity to learn of the suffering and not take advantage of all the wisdom that will come out of the process.

The advantage of the homeopathic remedy is that if it is well prescribed does not suppress symptoms, but that similarity, will enhance the resolution of the case according to the own mind and body of the individual.

The beginning of the disease said Hahnemann is in the mind and that the mental symptoms are very important. But it is not only knowing that happens in the mind but also have clear awareness of what are States of mind, be able to analyse them and see our misperceptions and disturbing emotions.

It thus helps Mindfulness

Here is when Mindfulness is essential. To see what my emotions are disturbing and Mindfulness process observe them without trial and see what happens, how I am and what emerges from me. This is the point where the case turns over quickly, where the individual takes awareness and advances in their vital process of individuation. This step allows you to dissolve many unconscious content and also to observe the shadow having more tools that allow you to pass all therapeutic processes accompanied and in a softer way.

Can not remove the suffering, but better understand and lower pain in life circumstances and levels of disease, in transitions in life and at times in which we must make decisions and see ourselves.

I will give an example. Imagine that someone is through a moment of transition in a separation and looks like your entire environment is suffering and he himself also. If he and his entourage take two as Natrum Muriaticum and Arnica homeopathic remedies, the suffering and the pain will diminish.

Arnica Montana is going to help in the coup that occurs in this case and in the deep inner pain. This remedy is for the shock and pain, while allowing the circulatory system flowing better, or seo all circulate better and everything flows.

Natrum Muriaticum will work over the break itself, and also for all States that are associated with the disappointment of the process, around the world or you will be sad or depressed, and that's when Natrum Muriaticum is going to help so let us not remain stuck in this State and to our mind out of this process.

Where should our minds leave? Only with the watchful and still present We may get our answer.

Think that you taking a homeopathic remedy or anything already I'll be curing is an error of our mind, seeking the magic that cure you to what should be a process of maturation of their vital State.

We are not going to fall into this trap, and therefore we must be very aware that we'll do it the way and that Mindfulness and homeopathy will help develop awareness to cure our suffering.


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By • 6 Apr, 2013 • section: General