Mudras: Ushas-mudra

Mudras influence in the field of animico-mental, as well as harmonize your meditation. Each one has a specific quality that helps the practitioner. How we discussed last week, Wednesday will dedicate a space to mudras. We go with the second installment.

ushas mudra

He crosses his fingers so that the right thumb is on the left. Lightly press the left thumb with the right. It is recommended to do this every day between 5 and 15 minutes, until you get the desired effect.

Note: women must be the right thumb between your left thumb and forefinger, exert pressure with your left thumb.

Regardless of age have, always becomes a new starting point and a new beginning. The second chakra, where resides the sexuality and creativity, also brings with it something new, a secret that want to be revealed.

This mudra helps to wake up in the morning, so it is advisable to practice it when you are still half asleep.


  • It helps to be cleared in the morning.
  • Stimulates the sexual energy of our second chaira, svadhishthana and aimed it at the upper energy centers.
  • Generates mental alertness and interest in things.
  • Harmonizes our hormonal system.
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By • Apr 3, 2013 • section: Practice