Seed thought: between light and darkness

Every Monday, to start the week with inspiration, a precious thought the Ananta Foundation seed.

We move two steps forward and one back. Sometimes we move forward one step and back two.

Tripped hurts, light looks like it moves away and the energy is going.

With humility we must get up and shake us powder, and begin to walk again.

Doesn't make much sense mortify in error. Does sense resolve not to go back to it.

When we direct our energies towards the world of the harmony changes occur in us.

Clouds and setbacks will come, but they will be less frequent.

We fall, we will rise faster.

The road always ahead of us.

"Very few people are able to internally maintain a good orientation. Most oscillate constantly between light and darkness, and it is for this reason that future does them always uncertain. You may ask: "But how to keep the good guidance?" Gathering all your energies to direct them towards a single goal: the world of harmony, of love, the divine world. Even if you occasionally see some shadows, this won't last: where you keep your spirit in the right direction, will come a day that you do not desviaréis more.

"Human destiny is governed by rigorous, mathematical laws: the same way as your current state is the result of what we have experienced in the past, your future depends on the orientation that you give it now to your energies."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (1900-86). Everyday thoughts, Editorial Prosveta. Image: unpublished frame of "The tree of life", Terrence Malick




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